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COMMON NAMES Button mangrove, Buttonwood, Buttobush, Mangle boton, Botocillo, Mangle botoncillo, Mangle negro, Mangle prieto, Yana, Marequito. Republic); mangle blanco (Guatemala); mangle boton (Dominican Republic); mangle botón (Puerto Rico); mangle botonceillo (Venezuela); mangle botoncillo . blanco (Guatemala); mangle boton (Dominican Republic); mangle botón ( Costa Rica, Cuba, Puerto Rico); mangle botonceillo (Venezuela); mangle botoncillo.

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The fruit is a rounded and a smooth capsule.

Bulletin of Miscellaneous Information Kew 1: Within the categories identified by the SMMM as threats in the loss of mangrove are the areas under construction, aquaculture farms and artificial ponds, hydraulic infrastructure canals or damsindustrial botocillo oil wells, salt pans, thermoelectric plants, complexesand communication routes [ 61 ].

Bontia germinans was published in Systema Naturae, Editio Decima 2: Real reviews from real guests.

Corazón mexicano in Cancun – Room Deals, Photos & Reviews

Over 21, IntechOpen readers like this topic Help us write another book on this subject and reach botoncilo readers Suggest a book topic Books open for submissions. Common and vernacular names Common names in Mexico: Plantas en macollas, no enraizadas en los nudos.


Fruits, 4-mm winged nuts, are added in globose brown heads, 1—1. Inflorescencia con eje flexuoso.


Semillas numerosas con penacho de pelos. Type specimens For Conocarpus erectus L. The uses of mangrove species have not yet been addressed by citizen participation research in which use values are discussed; only references are made in relation to surveys among the inhabitants, and there is a lack of information. See photos and botoncilloo.

For Conocarpus erectus L. See all 1, properties in Cancun. The mangroves present in Mexico comprise three families, four genera, and six species. It should be noted that the most reliable and quoted information was found on websites of other countries, mainly the United States and Australia. Tallo verdoso o blanquecino con ramas ascendentes hasta erectas. Lectotipified by Wijnands, Bot. They are used in firewood and coal; poles for fences, piles, railway sleepers, piers, boats, telegraph poles, and electricity; and furniture, cabinets, door frames, musical instruments, handles for tools, and agricultural implements.

Hojas en roseta, pinnaticompuestas, lustrosas. Hojas simples, glabras, opuestas, pecioladas, discoloras. The basionym of this species is Conocarpus racemosus L.


Diagnosis Rhizophora harrisonii Leechm. Our readership spans scientists, professors, researchers, librarians, and students, as well as business professionals.

It was observed that the information obtained through written means is more truthful and reliable than the information obtained via the Internet. It grows on sandy, muddy, or argillaceous soils. Languages spoken English Spanish.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Vascular plants of the mangroves of Sucre StateVenezuela. Plantas terrestres, arraigadas al suelo. Type specimens For Avicennia bicolor Standl. Tallo con tricomas peltados, escuamiformes. Synonym Rhizophora americana Nutt. Suppl Carp [ 55 ]. Early growth of mangrove seedlings in Panama and hypothesis concerning the relationship of dispersal and zonation.

From this information, we also look for the identification of existing, latent threats and trends of changes loss, deterioration, or recoveryin such a way as to support their conservation, understanding, and management.