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Vocabulary from C. A. E. Luschnig’s “An Introduction to Ancient Greek” (2nd ed.), the textbook used by undergraduates at St. John’s College. Lessons follow. To that end I’ve picked up Luschnig’s Introduction Ancient Greek: A Literary But I’m having trouble finding something that uses Luschnig. C.A.E. Luschnig, An Introduction to Ancient Greek: A Literary Approach. Second edition, revised by C.A.E. Luschnig and Deborah Mitchell.

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It has happened to me to hear for first time a word and I know more or less what it is about because I know the etymology. This is a window into and a legacy of her long, successful career as a Greek teacher.

Luschnig’s An Introduction to Ancient Greek: Andronikos rated it liked it Jul 21, Only this will truly drive you forward.

I have recently addressed this issue more broadly, with some suggestions for re-thinking instruction in beginning Greek, in “On Not Teaching Greek,” Classical Journal [] Selected pages Title Page. Groton, From Alpha to Omega: Finally, Lesson 14 adds on the imperative mood and the vocative case. Submit a new text post. An index of grammatical topics rounds out the volume. You need a goal which can drive and propel you forward.

Luxchnig Swain rated it luscbnig was amazing Dec 28, Zell rated it really liked it May 18, Brandon rated it really liked it May 29, Paperbackpages. Ancient Greek is magic. Second edition, revised by C. It would have been helpful for entries to indicate in what chapter each word is introduced. List of Sources for the Readings.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Reading Ancient Greek Reading Ancient Greek offers more advanced selections such as The Crito, lushcnig Didache, and readers containing selections from Herodotus and non-literary Koine sources. R rated it liked it Apr 04, A Literary Approach over Christmas.


Any autodidact success stories, by the way? Ah and a good advice, get a dictionary you will use it a lot, I used to use this one when I was younger. The rules for contraction which apply to nouns and verbs in Lesson 13 are no different from those she invokes in many earlier lessons, so that presenting these observations as general principles of contraction would help students see and understand their use throughout the language.

A Literary Approach prepares students to read Greek in less than a year by presenting basic traditional grammar without frills and by introducing real Greek written by ancient Greeks, from the first day of study. In the next lesson, after presenting the aorist, L.

And ultimately, it’s freakin worth it.


A Literary Approach by C. A Literary Approach from the ‘s. While it makes sense to marshal verb forms in order according to their principal parts, deferring the presentation of some material can distort the importance of certain high frequency items.

They regularly include twenty or more sentences to translate into English and gteek ten to translate from English into Greek. This volume represents a newly revised edition of C. Making a daily routine out of it rather than “binging” study on one day a week is by far preferable, if you really want to succeed. The new version improves what was already a good text, keeping the many exercise sentences, providing a realistic selection of ‘real Greek’ readings with translation aids conveniently below.

Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. This is surprisingly the most important aspect, because for a long long long long time, you won’t be reading any real Greek at all, but what’s known as “exercise Greek. If you’re purely autodidacting, then a couple things will be needed.


Teachers will want to select from the sometimes shocking abundance of exercises in Lesson 12, there are a full hundred treek to parse and eighty sentences to translate into Englishbut choice in such material is welcome. Which ancient Greek dialect does this book teach?

Athenaze is a common one in classes, but without a tutor or instructor of some kind the book is, in my opinion, unkind. Feel free to message the moderators with questions or suggestions, and we hope that you enjoy your stay!

I started to re-learn it recently. Refresh and try again. For this, the best remedy is to hire a tutor.

An Introduction to Ancient Greek : A Literary Approach

A Literary Approach prepares students to read Greek in less than a year by presenting basic traditional grammar without frills and by introducing real Greek written by ancient Greeks, from the first day of study.

At a number of other points, too, L. A Literary Approach is a traditional beginner’s text, written in a conversational tone, as though between equals of good will and common purpose.

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x In many ways, this is a remarkable volume, preserving the verve, knowledge, and perspective of a master teacher. Now this part gets tricky because in spanish my native language nouns are just hmm nouns, you just need the singular and plural, but in greek there are ‘cases’:.

Want to add to the discussion? I say partially because I hired a tutor to grade my homework and answer grammar questions for me.