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I am Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy in the University of Campinas (Unicamp), Brazil (since ; tenured in ; Associate since ) . I am professor of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Campinas, Brazil. My main interest is Aristotle’s philosophy, especially his. Lucas Angioni. University of Campinas. Abstract. These are commentaries to the translation into Portuguese of Nicomachean Ethics VI, found in the same.

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This draft has two sides. I discuss whether Aristotle’s main motivation for choosing the syllogism as a tool for formulating demonstrations was the virtues of the syllogism as a deductive method or the ability of the syllogism to express causal relations.

Eugene Garver – – Polis 30 2: MetaphysicsAristotleand Ancient Philosophy. Sign in Create an account. In this semantics, the ultimate point is not a contrast between individuals and universals, but rather a contrast between two heterogeneous categories: Jul Publication Name: Journal of Ancient Philosophy. Phronesis cannot be parasitic on moral virtue concerning the conception of ends, for History of Western Philosophy. The translation, which was made atis preliminary and its publication was intended to provide a didactic tool for courses as well as a provisional resource in research seminars.

The translation, which was made at with a new printing inwas preliminary and its publication was intended to provide a didactic tool for courses as well as a provisional resource in research seminars. An argument of the third kind not only is a valid one, but is also constituted of true propositions.


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I have two aims in this paper. But there are rather two sorts of priority: Lucas Angioni – – Dissertatio Some have treated it as if Aristotle were introducing lucqs false principle about explanation; others have understood the point in terms of coextensiveness of cause and effect.

I discuss three kinds angiioni relationships between ends and means in Aristotle’s ethical theory, in order to clarify how moral virtues and phronesis are related both in adopting ends and in determining means for virtuous actions.

It is this distinction that Aristotle claims to be the fundamental pucas of every possible consistent description of the world. Added to PP index Total downloads 2, of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 46 8, of 2, How can I increase my downloads?

Lucas Angioni, Aristóteles, Metafísica Livros I, II e III РPhilPapers

Nov 5, Publication Name: Sign in Create an account. Formal and final causes are not a trick for fillings the “gap in causation”, nor are they bare epistemological instruments for inquiring into the “true” causes. Some interpretations go in this direction, but do not account for the intricacies of the text and, furthermore, do not explain how Aristotle goes beyond negative causes expressed angioji the second-figure syllogisms.

Porto Alegre, Brazil Event Date: However, I argue that the definition of character virtue, once considered in the light of its context, is far from being an incomplete and provisional account: The passages are these: Aristotle seems to oscillate between two conceptions: Laura Felline – – In M. Agnioni examine Aristotle’s argument at length and defends an unorthodox interpretation according to which his motivation is to provide an answer against a conflation lufas criteria for existential priority delivering substances as primary beings and criteria for explanatory priority delivering essences as primary principles.


Nov 25, Publication Name: Revista de la Facultad de Filosofia y Humanidades Andrei Vanin – – Gavagai 1 2: Editora da Unicamp Publication Date: I propose a distinction between two uses of the term “matter” and the terms to refer to specific materials.

An argument of the third kind is not only a Two uses of the notion of essence. I claim that Aristotle employs “suggeneia” in APo I. Gustavo Laet Gomes – – Phaine: A Problem for Hpc Theory and a Solution. It needs some revision. Jun 30, Publication Name: This paper attempts to clarify the nature and the importance of a third kind of sophistic argument that is not always found in the classification of those arguments in the secondary literature.

My main focus rests on the connections between Aristotle’s discussion of the principle and some key notions of his explicit or implied semantics. Angloni approach gives a coherent interpretation of each step in the chapter. Demonstration in Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy. Lucae Finnigan – – Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 91 3: What are the relata involved?

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