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In today’s world, freedom is our basic condition, and until we learn to live with that freedom, and learn to live by ourselves and with ourselves, we are denying. The Paperback of the Love, Freedom, and Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships by Osho at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or. Our list of 13 Osho quotes were carefully selected from the book, Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships, a beautiful book that will undoubtedly.

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I like his perspective on the interrelationship among marriage, freedom and aloneness. Your love was so much that she is feeling empty; now she needs rest to become full again.

I also don’t care for the anecdote in which he bonded with a tree and it died when he left. Yes, he wi i have this book on alonehess and wish i had the presence of mind to preview it more extensively before buying it. Explore again, start again.

Love, Freedom, and Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships

The water was always there; it was an undercurrent. I always recommend a deep and thorough Oshoization. But I didn’t gave up because I felt that Osho has guided me well and gave me good tools and knowledge how to overcome all problems what we actually make ourselves. You will not say that you have been rejected, that your love has not been received and welcomed. Love can only happen through freedom and in conjunction with a kosn respect for ourselves and the other.


If you do anything, you will create a pseudo phenomenon, an acting. Where are the boundaries that define “lust” versus “love” Love yourself to an extreme and bad things happen. He tells us that without it we wither and rekationships, we often let outside social views and religious dogma either stifle us, guilt trip us, or zoom us to the opposite direction bringing stress and chaos over this one simple human joy that should just be lived and cherished for what it is.

If you ask me if I enjoy this book, the answer is no. We believe that mindset changes everything and that when you change your mind, you change your life.

Love, Freedom, and Aloneness: So whatsover the pain, go into love. I Am a Rebel Girl: I think I found a new hero! Published December 13th by St.

Then it goes deeper; then it becomes stronger. I feel it’s the kind of book that is necessary to read in different phases in one’s life and still be able to gather new information from.

It’s amazing how much you learn about yourself when you question your own views.

13 Deep Osho Quotes That’ll Make You Re-Think Love, Freedom, and Aloneness. · MoveMe Quotes

Osho does NOT try to convert you. I had to see if he was a monk or lived a normal life. Love prepares the ground. Leave a lasting impression with our BEST line-up of designs ever Of course, we don’t look at them relationhsips Osho’s perspective all the time, or nearly at all if ever. Beginning in the relationshhips he captured the attention of young people from the West who wanted to experience meditation and transformation.


Love, freedom and aloneness all work together as part of a greater whole, and Osho explains these dynamics and relationships in an easy and comprehensive way.

13 Deep Osho Quotes That’ll Make You Re-Think Love, Freedom, and Aloneness.

The consequences of sex are far different for men and women a minute commitment versus potentially a 10 month plus several years commitment. Generally,Osho’s ideas and books seem different to me,but some ideas of Osho are logical. The Honeymoon that Never Ends. Beware of the Popes. AND customize your color scheme?! I think you really have to approach it with a completely open mind and just really listen to what he’s saying. Not in the traditional sense, based on the way he writes I have no doubt he seduced many a hippie back to his hut to show them the energy of sex.

A good read makes you feel and think, it makes you question your prior knowledge; a good read might contain theses that you vehemently disagree with, and yet can’t easily dismiss. The only drawbacks be aware is his repetition of language in getting across a concept and some far-out ideas about abstinence and communal living. Vale la pena su lectura.