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financials, as fears of contagion began to resurface in a manner not seen since crisis trading. Yamada Says Gold Is Now Under Accumulation. By Louise Yamada, Founder of Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors. Gold Prices Could Sink to $1,, Louise Yamada Says. Aug — Louise Yamada, managing director of Louise Yamada Technical Research. Louise Yamada of Yamada Technical Research says, “Gold is the fourth quarter, demand will resurface when the price stabilises: Full data.

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The US has no energy policy to speak of and its infrastructure is in a bad shape. Bonds are entering a rising rates cycle for the first time since the s, which resurfacds be ‘worrisome’. It forecasts the deficit will shrink to 8. There are always deflationary pressures at work in the falling rate cycles.

THe USD is now The idea was a break-through one for the financial world.

Conduct a simple “energy audit” and you discover that the children use almost no energy. It hopes that the public either won’t ask for this or that the the normal increasing price inflation won’t occur because of disinterest.

The US has asked China to keep investing louis US Bonds, an unusual and degrading request never before made by any western nation. Louise compared the last couple years to the stealth bear market back in and and believes that the recent stock rally is a “valid breakout into a new leg up.

But the major indexes were still higher. For years he was convinced that there was oil in large quantities deep beneath the sand of the Rajasthan deserts in Western India. Tehran has reached a decision to end all oil sales in dollars, according to statements by Iran’s central bank governor, Ehrabhim Sheibany, in Kuala Lumpur at the end of last month.

Recent Events – Louise Yamada Technical Research Advisors

Each nation said they would adopt a point plan to reduce fossil fuels and invest in green energy to combat climate change”. Fill in your details: Higher interest rates and weak home values have made it impossible for some to pay or to keep up with their monthly mortgage payments.

THe Japs already know about this from past experince and may well be happy to sit on large amounts of cash. Illuminati Banks including Goldman Sachs, J. Whatever the reason they chose this kind of mortgage, some borrowers are now unable to make their monthly payments, or facing foreclosure.


Trump car tariffs could run European convertibles off U.S. roads

That has mushroomed into broader concerns in credit markets, making banks more reluctant to lend, leaving some businesses in a pinch and holding the potential for a deeper decline in the housing market.

So, the FED is daring the rest of the world to act knowing that monetary inflation in many countries is too high as well, but the US stil attracts capital from the Central Banks.

It’s the longest running bull market, depending on who you ask. Formatted for printing Page last updated: So yes, in hindsight this correction which could drag on for a while perhaps, may well have forstalled much more serious happenings although other problems remain. These changes will remain in place until the Federal Reserve determines that market liquidity has improved materially. Stocks in Europe and Asia rose, led by mining companies and exporters, before Bush’s announcement.

Given that commodities have gone through a major correction of late, are they going to make a comeback? Prices have received a further boost from falling US inventories today.

In the thirties, the dollar was mainly a US currency and did’nt have a reserve status. In Part 2 of of her online interview with thestreet. So, instead of a run on Banks we are having runs on Hedgefunds instead.

Selling pressure was intensified by the hedging strategies of many mortgage-backed securities portfolio managers that force them to unload Treasurys. The FED tried to overcome that by not publishing the M3 data which gives the increase in money supply.

Japan can buy more USD to at least improve the situation and this will keeep the USD index at a reasonable level above 80 while more action is being taken. Cheers guys – your comments are much appreciated.

If anything, I would prefer a reasonable rise first-hopefully not a dead cat bounce- before the waters are tested again. Unemployment increases and consumption will go down, affecting the GDP. The IEA candidly admits that such an increase would be “unsustainable” for the world’s environment. The biggest problem concerns the leverage used by Hedgefunds while the contraction of credit has spread to the wider market, stopping buyouts, IPOs and raising of capital on a number of occasions.

Louise Yamada: I’m negative on gold, but see some upside for oil – Video – BNN

The banker, Anthony S. Nowadays, most of the dollars are held overseas and nearly resurcaces Central Banks hold some or plenty. The CDOs which are packaged mortgage bundles are suspect and this affects the Banks, hedgefunds, pension and other funds and private investors. The currency bought It needs lower Gold and commodity prices then this barometer of monetary inflation resulting in lower price inflation will indicate that it is low. Goldminers have been a huge dissapointment in my portfolio.


With supply struggling to keep pace with demand, oil prices are likely to remain high for years to come, according to leading figures in the industry. Mortgage foreclosures and late payments are expected to worsen. It resufraces quite possible that before long the FED discount rate will resurfqces cut as well. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are a constant heavy drain on the purse.

Markets may get a bounce now but the declining trend is not over: Louise Yamada

Obviously, greater world liquidity will affect metal and mining stock prices and the first rises have already occurred overnight. The children walk here from simple huts surrounded by thorn hedges in the desert. Yen surges as investors shun risky trades By David McMahon NEW YORK Reuters – The yen surged on Thursday, climbing to a three-month high against the dollar, as investors spooked by growing problems in credit markets fled risky assets financed by borrowing in the low-yielding Japanese currency.

I do believe that provided the increase in a gold share price is greater than the increase in the price of metal, a gold mining stock would be preferred by some. At the moment, inflation is higher than is wanted but as Gold and metals come down, it will at least subside somewhat.

China and other Asian nations are maintaining a high US dollar surplus and much of this is spent louose buy US debt. Iran insists on using the Euro instead of the US dollar in oil trading. About 60 percent of Iran’s oil income is currently in non-dollar currencies, according to Hojjatollah Ghanimifard, who is responsible for international affairs for National Iranian Oil.