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Let’s look at the facts: In Life with Picasso Françoise Gilot has tried to tell a story which no one else has lived and which is not dictated by an acolyte’s sense of. Portrait of Francoise Gilot Credit: Gjon Mili/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Pablo Picasso and Francoise Gilot in France in When Françoise Gilot decided to take her two young children and leave Pablo Picasso in , ending their ten-year relationship, the infuriated.

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Her father was a businessman and agronomistand her mother was a watercolor artist. No, ideally art should be judged by the work, gilkt. I enjoyed reading about the author’s ten years with Picasso. May 19, Teri Robus rated it really liked it. Picasso for me has always been a legendary artist whose work flew way over my head – though visually it managed to capture my attention. It is, rather, a question of being able to confront the bad as well as the good.

It was not the instrument of seeing, it was the result in my psyche. In this ” me-too” moment ofit’s sobering to see what not only Gilot but countless women have endured in the face of mind-blowing male chauvinism, a mind-set that permeated both sexes. This is not a life of which I would have liked to be a part. You have to say something on your own and you ought to be thinking, first and foremost, about that.

Gilof comments… Trouble loading? Ten years and two children later, she finally worked up the nerve to leave him. The irony is that, for most of her life, Gilot has been waiting for the world to catch up with her. I’ve never been a Picasso fan, and yet artists always fascinate me.


But Francoise Gilot isn’t bitter about it. It doesn’t appeal to me. I originally read Life with Picasso when I was a teenager – about the time it was published.

‘It was not a sentimental love’: Françoise Gilot on her years with Picasso

She focuses only in passing on these things though, giving us lots of intimate, often funny stories about the artists of that age. Every day of my life. As I was reading this book, I wondered if Francoise was still living and she is! I appreciated these bits as much as I did watching the sad but predictable train wreck of a love story gone awry.

She decided at the age of five to become a painter. It was not a time like any other. Witn she does show us Picasso without loading the scale with her thumb. Anyone with an interest in art history would enjoy this book because it references so many important artists and the way they approached their work.

She was the only woman to leave Picasso. She did what she wanted and lived life ilfe the fullest. It was especially fascinating hearing how he explained his creative processes to her.

I loved her book and was astounded she lasted as long as she did with him. Views Read Edit View history. Brilliant artist though he was, Picasso was a serial user and abuser of women.

Françoise Gilot – Wikipedia

During Gilot’s father still wanted her to complete a degree in international law, and out of fear that Paris would be bombed during the war, Gilot was sent to Rennes ppicasso, France, to begin law school. Archived copy as title link.


When she was trying to extricate herself from the relationship, he would comment on how men should be able to burn their ex-wives. Archived from the original on Quotes from Life with Picasso.

He thought I would react like all his other women. Probably I was a bit ahead of my generation. Her father was a strict man. Archived from the original on 7 November Blue — Rose — African — Cubism — I wish she would have focused more energy on personal details of their life together, as well as her own day-to-day francoose, thoughts, etc.

Reading this book is invaluable to picwsso Picasso the man as well as the artist. Francois Gilot paints a compelling portrait of her turbulent life with the temperamental and even abusive genius that was Picasso.

Francoise Gilot was Picasso’s companion for many years, eventually having two children by him.

I decided to read this as francose result of having watched the Genius TV series about Picasso. If she made a mistake she would have to make it intentional to her work. The text comes across as a documentary in print rather than a true memoir. Great insights on art, including insights into Picasso and his contemporaries.