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Tropical Eetadual Science 5 3: Although this species was recorded only in the interior, it has large home-range requirements to maintain a viable population Medici et al. XML Treatment for Cremastosperma bullatum: XML Treatment for Cremastosperma alticola: Moreover, despite being proportionally less covered by native vegetation than the PA, the buffer zone has approximately ha of native vegetation distributed in several fragments.

Overall, our study contributes with relevant information that highlight the importance of buffer zones for wildlife. Cremastosperma oblongum is only found in southern Peru, but within its fairly wide EOO, it is not uncommon, including within protected areas.

Non Martiusnom. Tree or shrub 2—17 m tall, 6—15 cm diam. Stipes longer than monocarps. Known occurrences or not in protected areas national parks or reserves with protected status according to the IUCN; https: This proportion of species endemism may appear rather high, but is fairly typical for the Neotropics in general and for Neotropical Annonaceae genera in particular. A total of 31 mammal species 26 natives was recorded via camera traps and active search for leu, vocalizations, tracks and signs.


Synoptic Key Species codes cited refer to those used estacual the identification list. Where measurements are derived from material preserved in alcohol and dimensions therefore often greater, as the structures are not subject to water lossthese are indicated between square brackets.

XML Treatment for Cremastosperma novogranatense. Introduction The persistence of several species worldwide has been threatened by current levels of anthropogenic disturbances in natural environment to the point that the rate of species extinction is already comparable to mass extinction events of the geological past Dirzo et al.

Cremastosperma stenophyllum Pirie, Blumea Other notable characteristics are the unusually long pedicel, the orange colouring of the base of the outer petals of mature flowers, the inner petals considerably longer than the outer petals and the rounded to subcordate shape of the leaf base. Seeds ellipsoid, orange or reddish-brown, 8—9 by 5—6 mm, raphe sunken, regular.

The majority of the line drawings were made by Hendrik Rypkema, with the estadusl of Fig. XML Treatment for Cremastosperma napoense.

Unidade de Saúde de Santanésia é entregue à população

Also noteworthy are the relatively short pedicels and the absence of indument estaduao all parts. Many species of medium and large-sized mammals use estaduwl the interior of PA and its surroundings as part of their home range such as Chrysocyon brachyurusPuma concolor and Leopardus pardalis Mantovani Flowering Plants of the Neotropics.

Princeton, New Jersey, 18— Measuring the extent and effectiveness of protected areas as an indicator for meeting global biodiversity targets. Inflorescence of single solitary flowers, on leafy or leafless twigs; short axillary shoot, 1—1.


At elevations of 0— m. One additional new species, endemic to Amazonian Ecuador, also published in the latter paper, brought the total number of recognised species of Cremastosperma to 31 including two species, C.

February and November; fruiting: Monocarps 6—13 —36ellipsoid, slightly asymmetrical, 12—13 by 8—10 mm, white, red, deep red or deep purple in vivoreddish-brown to dark brown or black in siccowith an excentric apicule when unripe; stipes 10—19 by 2 mm; fruiting receptacle 4—5 —9 mm diam.

Hence, this study analyse the use of a buffer zone by five species of conservation concern through occupancy modelling, assessing whether these species are using similarly interior and buffer zone of a Cerrado PA. Veins on underside of leaves without estavual tinge.

Recently revised by Maas et al. For this reason, native vegetation of the buffer zone may be fundamental to its conservation. 52660

lei estadual 5260 de 2008 pdf file

Discussion Undescribed diversity, regional endemism and threat leei extinction in Cremastosperma species Since the ground-breaking taxonomic work of R. This also applies to larger genera in the faster evolving Annonoideaethe challenge of Guatteria Erkens et al. Cremastosperma pedunculatum occurs over a relatively wide area including within protected areas in Ecuador.

Inflorescence of single flowers clustered in groups of up to 2, on leafy or leafless twigs or main trunk; peduncles 2—10 by ca.