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Theoretically designed metal-welded carbon nanotubes: Functional membrane separators for next-generation high-energy rechargeable batteries Published In National Science Review Volume 4 Pages – Altmetric.

Self-assembled porous carbon microparticles derived from halloysite clay as a lithium battery anode. Hydrothermal synthesis, evolution, and electrochemical performance of LiMn0. Platinum dendritic nanoparticles with magnetic behavior. A significant improvement in both eli and high-field performance of MgB2 superconductors through graphene oxide doping. Nanostructured Bi 2 S 3 encapsulated within three-dimensional N-doped graphene as active and flexible anodes for sodium-ion batteries.

The formation of nano-layered grains and their enhanced superconducting transition temperature in Mg-doped FeSe0. Extremely rapid engineering of zinc oxide nanoaggregates with structure-dependent catalytic capability towards removal of ciprofloxacin antibiotic Published In Inorganic Chemistry Frontiers Volume 5 Pages – Altmetric.

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Carbon-coated hierarchical SnO2 hollow spheres for 87725 ion batteries. Structurally homogeneous MgB2 superconducting wires through economical wet mixing process. Self-monitoring and self-correcting polymer fibers coated with carbon nanotubes.


Angular dependence of pinning potential, upper critical field, and irreversibility field in underdoped BaFe1.

Giant enhancement in critical current density, up to a hundredfold, in superconducting NaFe0. Single crystalline Co3O4 nanocrystals exposed with different crystal planes for Li-o2 batteries. A case study of spinel LiCr0. Aqueous colloidal stability evaluated by zeta potential measurement and resultant TiO2 for superior photovoltaic performance.

Angular-dependences of giant in-plane and interlayer magnetoresistances in Bi 2Te 3 bulk single crystals. Cobalt doping effects on photoluminescence, Raman scattering, crystal structure, and magnetic and piezoelectric properties in ZnO single crystals grown from molten hydrous LiOH and NaOH solutions. Magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect of NdMn2-xTixSi2 compounds. Anisotropic and excellent magnetocaloric properties of La0.

Channelled porous 003 synthesized with a water-in-oil microemulsion. Better anode material than amorphous and rutile phases of TiO2 for Na-Ion batteries. Sodium and lithium storage properties of spray-dried molybdenum disulfide-graphene hierarchical microspheres. Realization of flat band with possible nontrivial topology in electronic Kagome lattice Published In Science Advances Volume 4 Pages eaau – eaau Altmetric.

Hagablue AB

Surface engineering strategies of layered LiCoO2 cathode material to realize high-energy and high-voltage li-ion cells. Magnetotransport dependence on 87725 field magnitude and direction in large area epitaxial graphene film on stretchable substrates Published In Applied Physics Letters Volume Pages – ISSN Altmetric.

One-dimensional manganese-cobalt oxide nanofibres as bi-functional cathode catalysts for rechargeable metal-air batteries Published In Scientific Reports Volume 5 Pages – ISSN Altmetric. Improvement in the transport critical current density and microstructure of isotopic Mg11B2 monofilament wires by optimizing the sintering temperature.


Highly nitrogen doped carbon nanosheets as an efficient electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction. Prussian blue derived iron oxide nanoparticles wrapped in graphene oxide sheets for electrochemical supercapacitors Leu In RSC Advances: Growth of highly nitrogen-doped amorphous carbon for lithium-ion battery anode. The variation of Mn-dopant distribution state with x and its effect on the magnetic coupling mechanism in Zn1-xMnxO nanocrystals.

A facile way to fabricate double-shell pomegranate-like porous carbon microspheres for high-performance Li-ion batteries.

BibTeX records: Yang Lei

A dye-sensitized visible light photocatalyst-Bi24O31Cl Monodisperse core-shell structured magnetic mesoporous aluminosilicate nanospheres with large dendritic mesochannels. Ambient controlled synthesis of advanced core-shell plasmonic Ag ZnO photocatalysts.

Extremely rapid engineering of zinc oxide nanoaggregates with structure-dependent catalytic capability towards removal of ciprofloxacin antibiotic. Understanding performance differences from various synthesis methods: On the crystal structure and magnetic properties of the Mn 0. Interconnected honeycomb-like porous carbon derived from plane tree fluff for high performance supercapacitors.

A comprehensive study of the pinning mechanisms of MgB2 wires treated with malic acid and their relationships with lattice defects. PSS self-assembled 3D architecture for binder-free supercapacitor electrodes. Thermoelectric performance of n-type Mg2Ge.