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La\Planete des Singes [Pierre Boulle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. La planete des singes [Pierre Boulle] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Y a-t-il des êtres humains ailleurs que dans notre galaxie? C’ est la. La planete des singes [PIERRE BOULLE] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Their society is divided into three strata: I had read this once before, I think, just after high school – I found a copy in the local library. Please, God, don’t letter there ever be a scholarly edition of Mr. For Roddy McDowell fans, be prepared: I’m not sure what was the reason of it, but I suppose that it might have been caused by interesting descriptions of life on unknown planet and the fast action.

She is frightened by their pet chimpanzee, Hector, and strangles it. This section does not cite any sources. Ulysse, the professor, and a physicist named Arthur Levain flew off in this ship to explore outer space, hoping to make contact with some intelligent alien civilization.

It inspired that incredible scene with Charlton Heston: Things began to change. You get odd hints through out that it is not a new book, it has Mid 20th century aspects, but despite this the SciFi is still good, as you would expect from the “Golden Age”. Didn’t they have their own name for the planet? My Planet of the Apes loving credentials: The themes within it are certainly worth it.

Maybe it’s just my feminist liberal bleeding heart whispering to me, but I feel th Caution: They are like savage beasts! I fell in love with this novel after half a page. His companion, the genius scientist from Earth, Professor Antell turns crazy while his fellow crew, physicist Arthur Levaine is killed during the landing of their spaceship. Curious the pair retreats it. French writer Pierre Boulle made use of his experience as a soldier in WWII in depicting the relationship of apes and men in this book, Planet of the Apes.


From memory the book was basically split into the first two original Planet Of The Apes films and quite well written. It’s a quick and easy read and quite the ripping yarn. There are similarities to the famous Charlton Heston film, and there are differences, too.

La Planète des singes by Pierre Boulle (3 star ratings)

Refresh and try again. This book is a sci-fi and I know some people look down on sci-fi readers. Written by Ulysse Merou and telling of an plate from our world to the giant star Betelgeuse, light years from Earth.

The thing I liked the most was the Ulysse Merou’s attempts to comunicate with Zira, the “she-ape” as author xes her. I will have more to say about this in another venue later this y I have been meaning to read the one that lpante it all, the novel by Pierre Boulle.

The French word ‘singes’ can mean both monkeys simians with tails or apes those withouthence the different titles. Well, a different kind of ship which is sort of a sphere with all the latest technologies installed in it.

Hestonish, if you will, of course. I hate this book. Views Read Edit View history. If it weren’t for the movie with its killer Rod Serling script and the aweso The original Planet of the Apes novel is a seriously clunky story. So, I really cannot compare both: One of the most important books in the history of science fiction, Bou,le said the novel was triggered by a visit to the zoo where he watched the gorillasimpressed by their human-like expressions; “It led me p,ante dwell upon and imagine relationships between humans and apes.


Absolutely rated it liked it Recommended to K. It deserves its respected position in genre history.

Planet of the Apes

I don’t want to reveal more, because it will spoil the fun for you. However the original movie had a lot similarities to the book. Lists with This Book. As to predictability, I mentioned the “twist” he tried for, but if you’ve read it yet were you really surprised?

In this simian world, civilization is turned upside down: It is at this point in the story that we discover that Jinn and Phyllis, the couple who found the bottle, are chimpanzees. The Ape planet, called Soror Latin for sisterrevolves around the red Sun called Betelguese that is real. In pa, the story is changed to such an extent that the end of the novel will come as a surprise to readers who are only familiar with the classic movies.

The book seems to emphasize the theme of evolution, while the film focuses more on time travel.

La Planète des singes

I can see why Planet of the Apes became a classic but truth be told, Goulle don’t really think it merits that status. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. His companion, the genius scientist from Earth, Professor Antell turns crazy while his fellow crew, physicist Arthur Levaine is killed during the landing of their spaceship.

Quotes from Planet of the Apes. There, the apes performed experiments on the humans similar to Pavlov’s conditioning experiments on dogs, and Ulysse proved his intelligence by failing to be conditioned, and by speaking and drawing geometrical figures.