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PC2 Features. Keyboard: 76 note semi-weighted keyboard with mono pressure. Display: 2×20 character LCD w/ rear panel contrast knob. Polyphony: voice. MP MPG MPG MPS10 MPS20 MS-1/A PC PC1SE PC1X PC2 PC2R PC2X PC3 PC PC3A6 PC3A7 PC3A8 PC3K6 PC3K7 PC3K8 PC3LE6 . WARNING: When using electric products, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following: 1. Read all of the Safety and Installation.

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Performance Features Muting and Soloing 2. Programming Your PC2 Basic Editing Concepts Data Entry When you see the parameter you want to edit or when the cursor is highlighting its valueuse one of the data entry methods to change the value.

Contact and Support 8. Contact And Support On the Web: Press Store to display the Save dialog.

Set its value to Descriptions of Parameters Setup Editor Parameters Latched notes play in ascending pitch order, regardless of their chronological order. Save the setup as EntryFX.

Kurzweil PC2 User Manual

The Mixer and even then, only as a last resort. Table Of Contents 4. Launch the sequencer application.

Descriptions of Kudzweil Setup Editor Parameters Limit Option Limit Opt Determines what manjal arpeggiator does when it has shifted the currently latched notes up or down to the shift limit. Page 96 – The Controllers Menu: Notice that the display prompts you to replace Setup Kurzweil is a product line of Young Chang Co.


Enter text from picture: Several of the preset setups do this. SW2 deletes the character at the location of the cursor, and moves everything after the cursor one space to the left.

kurzweeil Each can have a value from 0 drawbar fully in to 8 drawbar fully out DrawbarSteps Affects the transition between drawbar levels for each of the drawbar controls. There are several advantages to the setup method. There is really only one parameter you need to set. Troubleshooting Startup Powering Up 3. Once the SIMM s has been installed and the option panel replaced, complete the following instructions: Don’t have an account?

Page 87 There are two other values for Bank Mode: The more you share with us, the more we can do for you. Page 24 Virtual Studio Technology Instrumenta common plugin format for virtual instru- ments available on both Mac and Windows systems.

When it is time to manuak your battery, the PC2 will display the message: Some instruments and sequencers notably older Roland instruments will send this message when no notes are being held, even if the sustain pedal is still held. Chapter 2 Startup Chapter 2 Startup Setup When setting up the PC2 for use it must kurzweli placed on a sturdy, level surface where both ends of the unit are supported. Notice that the Zone 3 button is now unlit, indicating that the zone is off. When finished, stop recording and your MIDI messages will be entered in the score as hidden text instructions in the voice designated in Flexi-time Options.



Working with Sounds 5. The information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of The Sound Set Jurzweil. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Performance Features The Front Panel The buttons and sliders on the front panel are labeled in one of three colors, which correspond roughly to their functions in the three performance modes: Page 17 Though not a perfect solution in every situation, when this control is available, altering the speed of the transition may help to disguise this effect in some small way.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy working with this Sibelius sound set and wish you the best in all of your musical endeavours. Turn the Alpha Wheel to the left until you see Off in the bottom line of the display. This sets the low key, since the Low parameter is current pcc2x you press Key Range.