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Miniature Pressure Transducer With Integrated Temperature Sensor. This transducer is well suited for both dynamic and static pressure. Advanced Technology for Advanced Performance. A brilliantly progressive.

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Combination static and dynamic pressure transducer employing a micro-filter. Input port 21 is directed to interface with a bore Cap member 28 has an kukite aperture designated by reference numeral 91 through which wires or leads may be directed to an external source for operation of the device. It is also noted, that the die associated with area 57 or differential die also receives the pressure P R.

The sensor module includes a diaphragm having a first side and a second side. Conventional transducers pressur typically big, bulky and expensive, often requiring additional complex electronics using capacitative transducers requires extensive electronics for signal conditioning and amplification and in general are not suitable for use in hostile environments.

Kulite Semiconductor Pressure Transducer | TASCAM – International Website –

The sensor assembly may further include a sensing optical fiber in communication with the first EFPI; a reference optical fiber in communication with prezsure second EFPI; and a glass header configured to support the sensing optical fiber and the reference pressufe fiber. There is a rim portion formed between the first and second recess portions for isolating the first diaphragm from the second diaphragm.

Call Send a quick message. The reference pressure can be the pressure which exists in a fuel line of an automotive engine or some other pressure source and basically will be referred to as a reference or absolute input pressure.

Kulite ETL GTS 312 Pressure Transducer

The resulting composite structure 90 is a Pyrex-silicon-Pyrex structure. In the embodiment of FIG. The header 10 is now coupled to an external cylindrical shell 25 which is secured to the header 10 and which contains the terminal board As shown in FIG. This will result in an imbalance in the Wheatstone bridge which imbalance is proportional pressur pressure measured. The reference numeral 38 refers to the bore 38 of FIG.


Such devices are well known in the art. Certain embodiments of the disclosed technology provide systems and methods for an improved header and corresponding port associated with a transducer assembly.

Kulite Semiconductor Pressure Transducer

Is there any heavy machinery or electric loads fans, motors, etc in the nearby vicinity? A SumoBrain Solutions Company. Opening 41 eventually receives the header 30 and there is shown the differential pressure port As previously indicated, pressure P R for example, may be a fuel pressure in an engine or an oil pressure in an engine while the pressure P d the differential pressure may be the pressure on the other side of the fuel filter or on the other side of the oil filter.

Also seen in FIG. Suitable leads from the dual die pressure header assembly are directed to a terminal board which is mounted within a pressure transducer housing shell, which terminal board coacts with an outboard contact cap assembly forming the transducer. Thus the above-noted header 10 as described mainly contains a differential and a reference pressure port and contains an opening 41 to accommodate a dual die header The transducer of claim 10, wherein: In accordance with another knowledge base article, I have attempted to run the laptop on battery power, without effect.

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Fluid pressure sensor having a pressure port. This structure depicted in FIG. The side of the silicon substrate remote and opposite from that bridges 20, 20′ are formed on is suitably sculptured to form the two independent deflecting areas 30, 30′.

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The resulting device has a number of unanticipated advantages. This would add an extra level of shielding to your setup, helping to block environmental electric fields.

Because both bridges are side-by-side on the same silicon chip, they are subjected to essentially a same temperature, prezsure thermal compensation much easier.

I jest, these kinds of noise issues can be a bear to deal with. Pressure from one aperture 82, 82′ can only access one deflectable diaphragm 40, 40′ of the silicon wafer 5 and not the other. The tube 31 is inserted at one end into the bore of tube 33 and has an arcuate bend to enable the tube 31 to extend into the header Another possibility, depending on the frequency of the signal you wish to measure would be to sample at 60 Hz.

Message 2 of Even though the differential pressure as exhibited by one die will be less, as it is the difference between P R and P d and therefore the wafer diaphragm can be thinner, it is understood that if the differential pressure source fails, the diaphragm may rupture.

Although the invention has been described and pictured in a preferred form with a certain degree of particularity, it is understood that the present disclosure of the preferred form, has been made only by way of example, and that numerous changes in the details of construction and combination and arrangement of parts may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention as hereinafter claimed.