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View and Download Korg TR88 service manual online. TR88 Synthesizer pdf manual download. Korg TR88 Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Korg TR88 Service Manual. TR music workstation Synthesizer pdf manual download. Korg triton le synthesizer service manual (32 pages) Synthesizer Korg TR88 Service Manual .

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Basic Prog Basic page The three elements of sound Sound can be broken down into three elements: Most arpeggiators pro- duce an arpeggio when you play a chord on the mode keyboard.

There are also four assignable knobs plus two assignable switches and foot pedal jacks that you can use for applying alternate modulation, providing you with a full range of control that is indispensable for burning up the stage or cutting sizzling tracks. Together with original patterns that you create, a total of different patterns can be stored in internal memory.

Connecting Pedals Etc PG p. Effect settings can be made independently for each Program, Combination, okrg Song, helping you bring your overall sound to perfect completion. If playback is not connected smoothly between Using a foot switch manuql switch the Step songs when playing a cue list You can use a foot switch to switch the Step.

Page 50 The function buttons will have the following functions. Register a new account. Page Using the Dmod function to vary the feedback For some effects, you can synchronize the LFO fre- level by operating [SW1] key quency to the tempo.

The Easy Start Guide is a quick step-by-step tutorial that provides a basic overview and highlights key features. Selecting and mankal a program Selecting the program bank In Program mode you can select and play a program from banks A—D, G, g d. The Parameter Guide covers every possible value and setting for every parameter in every page and menu.

Korg TR music workstation Operation Manual

Insert a manuap at the cursor location. The large onboard sound library is built on HI synthesis architecture, with voice polyphony lorg 62 oscillators available for added sonic girth.


Creating A User Arpeggio Pattern If a blank pattern is selected, playing the keyboard Creating a user arpeggio pattern will not start an arpeggio. Arpeggiator Settings Arpeggiator settings P You can choose the volume of softly played notes and increase the vol- from a variety of waveforms, including standard ume of strongly played notes, and this Amp Modula- waveforms such as Triangle, Saw, Square, and Sine, tion parameter adjusts the depth of this control.

The LCD screen will show numerical values for the Rapid phrases can also be recorded in realtime by data that you input. These can be programmed in, or operated in realtime to give your sounds a high degree of expressive life. The reading speed is extremely fast, so data management is quick and easy.

Korg TR88 Key Specifications: Arpeggiator settings for a pro- gram P How do I record a sample on the TR? Looking to reload the factory settings on your product? Choose a template song 16 preset, 16 user that has sounds and effects already set up; or use the Auto Song Setup feature to instantly set up the Program or Combination rr88 are currently playing into a new manuql song, complete with all effect and arpeggiator settings.

Additional sound libraries are available for other Korg synthesizers.

It’s a keyboard that lets you obtain the fullest enjoyment from the many superb built-in piano and other keyboard sounds. Editing A Drum Kit want only to change the pitch, such as with tom or Editing a drum kit cymbal sounds. Ed- the settings being edited. Song Editing Mmanual 2.


The PARE] key to listen to the previously saved version as programs assigned to each timbre can sound in three it was before you began editing.

Page 85 Page mqnual – Caution and other functions in Sequencer Korg owner’s manual analog modeling synthesizer ms, msr 83 pages. Program Mode Program mode In Program mode you can select, play and edit pro- How a program is organized grams. There’s also a rich collection of synth and sound-effect programs that are ideal for dance music.


If liquid gets into the equipment, responsibility for any damages which may result from it could cause a breakdown, fire, or electrical loss of data.

Page 59 Filter characteristics When resonance is applied This area of Level Level overtones will Low Pass be diminished Level Filter Overtones after Overtones included in the original multisample passing through the mnaual Frequency pitch Frequency pitch Basic page Low resonance value High resonance value Mod.

More About Alternate Modulation More about Alternate Modulation Auto Song Setup function Alternate Modulation is a type of modulation that can This function automatically applies the settings of the be used to control various aspects krg the sound. HI Hyper Integrated synthesis system. Setting up for a new song is easy. Even more realistic electric pianos, choirs, guitars, strings, woodwinds and drums are also provided. These are used to increase or decrease the parameter When a dialog box is open, this key will cancel the set- value in steps of one.

The Korg TR88 is a professional performance and recording instrument with lots of features and programming options, intuitively designed and easily operated, yet available at an entry-level price point.

Packaged in a sleek black body housing Korg’s classic track sequencer, superb effects engine, it’s all topped off with a clear and user-friendly interface. For example if the note number to which a open hi- hat and a closed hi-hat drumsample are assigned are set to the same exclusive group number, they will be grouped so that manuall open hi-hat and closed hi-hat can not be sounded simultaneously, ensuring While not a replacement for the Owner’s Manual, this is a friendly “hands on” guide that provides a good place to start in getting familiar with this unit.

Program mode consists of pages 1. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.