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Norway Accounting. Standard kontoplan NS Developed by. Datalege AS & ZedeSTech. Please log in to comment on this module. Please choose a rating. Is Norwegian Standard Accounts Specification – Norsk Standard Kontoplan At , use for instance the search-term: Accounts; NS E is the. If norwegian standard Chart of Accounts is used by the invoice receiver, then NS must be the leftmost content of the account cost string.

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Address identifier, PO box, Building number and Department in the Kontoplab elementregarding seller, buyer and delivery. The service provider offers to validate documents on behalf of the client. Examples of this can be invoices covering services like investigations and legal assistance.

CEN BII kintoplan electronic messages included in a specific format will be exchanged between the parties as a part of an electronic collaboration process — a profile. Invoice Messages in General The electronic messages described in this implementation guide are Invoice and Credit note.

Logical correlations between information element, i. Guide Updating links in 3. Difi pursues the goal to cover the full trading process using EHF documents, both before and after awarding signing of a contract. Tax Representative Tax representative party for the seller is relevant for sellers delivering goods and services in Norway without having a permanent establishment in Norway.

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Removing rule implying cac: No requirements regarding sequence of the other elements. Difi claims the right to exchange the current format with a new one as and when needed. Dissemination to a centralized invoice processing function is implemented as part of the registration by the actual accesspoint. 412


If validation fails the document will not be created. After modifying the data for the invoice a new invoice may be issued. CustomizationID is a string without spaces. Accounting Information If the customer wants to automatically post the costs, the accounting information must be transferred to the supplier before or with the order.

These charges are at line level, and must be included when calculating the line amount. This makes it possible to implement an efficient and automated control of the invoice and the originating transactions. Account Invoicing Financial advance is not previously invoiced, ref.

The sum of all allowances and charges on the header level must be specified in AllowanceTotalAmount and ChargeTotalAmount respectively Ref. Is also relevant if the seller or buyer want to post the allowance or charge in their accounting systems. Roles and Actor The following roles may be specified in the format.

The diagram below shows the invoicing process with the use of EHF invoice messages.

EHF Invoice and Creditnote

Invoice A commercial document confirming a sale nw a seller and a buyer. Identifiers of same kind as other given contact information may deviate from the contact information.

The reason for this, is that empty elements may be interpreted to have a certain meaning, it could mean that the information was not available at the time of sending as an example. The ELMA registration verifies that an actor has declared the ability and the commitment to receive business documents composed according to the specific implementation guide, and any party is free to send the business document to this actor.

EHF Invoice and Creditnote

It is possible to combine use of Z01 and elektroniskB2Cfaktura. The messages make it possible for the supplier to issue an invoice, send it to the customer and receive the agreed payment. Charities and other not-for-profit organisasjons also have a separate standard. Validation of datatypes VAT number, date, bankaccount etc. With the exception of small companies, which can choose to apply a separate standard for SMEs, all companies have to comply with the standards, as described above.


Identifiers for consumer are put in the repeatable element PartyIdentification. Message table Attached is complete message table for the document types. Invalid GLN number provided. Novemberand is mandatory from the same date.

The invoice may specify articles goods and services with article number or article description.

Document Structure This document consists of the following chapters and contents: Please see the UBL 2. Validator 99 Changed description of Your ref. Missing example files restored.

Kontoppan request This part is currently on review in Norwegian only. Delivery date should allways be sent, exept for delivery by forwarder, post or the like. Guide Fix minor bug in Invoice and Credit Note example files. This leads to a holistic use of all the documents under the EHF umbrella. If the document is not posted in the issuing accounting system, it may be modified and resubmitted.

Fix minor bug in Invoice and Credit Note example files. Schematron Validation files based on Schematron may be found in our Github repoistory. If the customer disputes the invoice, the supplier must issue a kontiplan note and a new invoice. CustomizationID may be extended with more elements for specific trade or business validation rules.