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The Konica C35 EF is the very first compact 35mm camera to feature a built-in flash. The “C35” in its name stands for “Compact 35mm” and the “EF” standing fo. . The Konica C35 EF is a compact camera. It had the nickname “Pikkari” in Japan. Introduced in , the Pikkari was the first 35mm compact. With nothing to do apart from load and wind the film, focus, press the shutter the Konica C35 EFP is a shining example of a point and shoot.

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Discover evadanah22’s colorful work! Gallery This entry was posted in All and tagged konica c35 eftrip 35viewfinder.

If you need to do that after every single c355, it becomes a hassle. In the field I really like the camera! You are commenting using your Twitter cc35. Paris is currently showing the handpicked shots of Dutch social documentary photographer during his coverage of the post-war period. Famously, Andy Warhol used this camera for taking snapshots at exhibition openings, glitzy premieres, wild nights at Studio 54 and after parties at The Factory.

Join us as we take a look at the colorful side of the Big Apple with Community Member ilovefrenchfries!

The Sun Never Sets With A Konica C35 EF · Lomography

I add that camera to my wishlist! Please login to leave a comment. He talks to us about his Lomography camera collection and his camera of choice, the BelAir X Pull the orange konicx to the left and the spring loaded flash unit pops up.


This winter I took my Pikkari along on a trip to Seoul, Korea. Additionally, if you would like to contribute a post of your own to 35mmc, click here! When charged a signal lamp indicates this situation. I really must get that dark room setup soon… What I am saying is d35 the lens is not noticeably soft or vignetty or suffers from any apparent lack of quality.

Reply Alex Hakimi June 8, at 3: The main feature of the Konica which makes it interesting is the built in flash. Introduced inthe Pikkari was the first 35mm compact camera with a built-in flash.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Here together with a similar viewfinder camera of another make, the Olympus Trip Mine has a AGcell in it. In the past four months, I have been shooting hundreds of photos with a Contessa Nettel Tessco. Patreon and Ko-Fi Patreon allows those of you who would like to support 35mmc on a monthly basis with a small regular donations. No funny business, just a whole heap of Lomography love right to your inbox.

C355 they’d kept the classic black and silver of the c35s the c35v is arguably the non flash predecessor konicz that’s just me. Hailing from Indonesia, Lomo Cult is a self-confessed Lomography fanboy and one of our community’s most active members. koniac


Mentioned Product Agfa Vista One trick that can be done with it konics that the auto-exposure can be locked by half pressing the shutter release; this can come in handy oknica photos with difficult lighting or ones that are too contrasty, as one simply can point at a scene with moderate or good lighting, half press to lock the exposure and re-compose. After cleaning out the corrosion from the battery compartment, the flash did fire.

Konica C35 EF

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Andy Warhol news. Patreon allows those of you who would like to support 35mmc on a monthly basis with a small regular donations. Crisp 35mm shots with wonderful color saturation is the AgfaPhoto Vista 35mm’s specialty.

Konica C35 EF – Vintage Camera Lab

The biggest distinction was the self-timer, operated by a lever next to the lens. The first one I bought at an online marketplace for 3 Euros. The flash uses a separate battery pack of two 1. The left part of the viewfinder shows the different distances using the four people-symbols.

Learn the basics of the color wheel with the fun and stylish La Sardina camera. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: