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INSTALLATION MANUAL. KLN 90B. GPS RNAV. MANUAL NUMBER REVISION 5 April, COMPONENT MAINTENANCE MANUAL FOR THE KLN 90B GPS RNAV. *- pages revised in latest version. Page LEP F-Foldout pages Print. View and Download Honeywell KLN 90B installation manual online. GPS RNAV. KLN 90B GPS pdf manual download.

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Page 14 only for airports in the primary area of the database. The following rules and considerations apply to flight plan operation while the KLN 90B is kpn the leg mode: In addition, maunal KLN 90B contains an internal battery powered calendar clock to keep system time and date when the unit is not being used. The appropriate concentric knobs are then used to enter the data.

For specific label information transmitted on this bus refer to Paragraph 1.

The aircraft will be assumed to be arriving from the West, although this does not change the way klm approach will be flown using the KLN 90B. The blank will contain a numerical value which may provide assistance to maintenance personnel. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

In OBS mode, the active waypoint and inbound or outbound manhal will be manually selected. To view the nearest airports: This will allow you to utilize it to the maximum extent. Don’t show me this message again. Direct To Operation 3. The KLN 90B will then bring up the FPL 0 page and put the sequence of approach waypoints in front of the airport reference point figure Deleting User-defined Waypoints 5.


After joining the second leg of the flight plan, you view 4: Page 27 use airspace. Or the KLN 90B may be interfaced with an external tone generator ,ln in the aircraft.

This will be annunciated on the external approach status annunciator as well as on the KLN 90B. The waypoint mabual for the nearest airport is now displayed on the right side.


Turn the left outer knob to position the cursor over the appropriate first digit adjacent to fuel flow FF. Remote Mounted Annunciators The alert tone is provided in the same way as described in section 3. In order to use this update method you must have access to an IBM compatible computer having a disk drive capa- ble of using and booting loading from 3. Page 59 Like the NAV 5 page, the Super NAV 5 page shows a graphics depiction of the direct to waypoint or the way- points making up the active flight plan.

The radial may be selected to the nearest tenth of a degree. A secondary method of updating the database is by loading the information via an IBM compatible laptop computer.

North up, desired track up, actual track up, or heading up if a proper source of heading is provided to the KLN 90B.

AlliedSignal KLN 90B Pilot’s Manual

Cross check the position of the aircraft with other means of navigation every 15 minutes to verify that the position is still accurate. Press the left C.


If HRD SFT is chosen, then both hard and soft surface runways meeting the required runway length will be included kl the nearest airport list. The SET 4 page may be changed by k,n the left C while the SET 4 page is displayed on the left side and then rotating the left inner knob. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable. You may use this table to convert seconds to hundredths of a minute. Panel mounted with Honeywell supplied Verify that the blower is operating properly.

When the aircraft approaches the arc the KLN 90B will provide waypoint alerting and turn anticipation to join the arc. Pins 41 thru 50; Gray Code Inputs Pins 41 through 50 are gray code altitude inputs from an encoding altimeter.


Notice in the figure approach point of an approach loaded in the flight plan. The active flight plan may be loaded into a numbered flight plan so that it can be recalled for later use. Page due Westerly, and finally Southwesterly by the time you reach Manila. Page 24 The map scale is also changed by using the left cursor button.

Up to airports may contain these remarks. The Airport 4 Page apt 4 3.