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Now, following in the footsteps of Keydom, Keythedral has appeared in a new Law cards are usually very good things to have as they can bend rules to your. A keythedral is to be built in the middle of keydom. Another board is placed on the table, which explains some of the rules, and has cubes (yellow, purple, and. A keythedral is to be built in the middle of Keydom. markers; 5 work order markers; 5 turn order cards; 5 player screens; 1 start player marker; 1 rules booklet.

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I think I was wrong. If the goldsmith has any yellow cubes gold available from the workshop, the goldsmith will exchange one yellow cube for any four resource cubes or craft cubes. The start player takes the work order marker marked first and places the marker on one of the numbers one to five on the Keythedral mat.

My opinion is staying the same. Workers supplying the exact materials, which are required for the building, will be rewarded with seats of honour in the completed Keythedral.

If there are no vacant fields adjacent to the cottage tile or house tile then the workers are idle and will not produce anything this turn. If a cottage or house tile has been fenced off from all of the fields adjacent to it, then the cottage worker decides to relocate and the cottage tile is removed. If a player other than player B wins the rupes, then the cubes are paid by the successful bidder to player B and the successful bidder may then choose the new start player.


Keythedral – rules

All fields of one type produce double this turn. Player B then places a worker counter into a field adjacent to the cottage tile which has the same number as the number chosen. This card may be played on another player as they attempt to purchase a building tile in phase three. At the same time that the workers are providing the building materials for the Keythedral, they will also want to improve their own little cottages so that their family and friends can come to join them and help with the resource gathering.

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Place the two cubes you have given the blacksmith into the store.

This form will move this price for this item to a new item. The other players, in clockwise order, then do the same. You may choose to change the tile at any time, even tules a player has declared that they are acquiring the target tile. No more than three fences can be played by a player during the game. This fence marker cannot be re-laid later in the game. The inhabitants of Keyland will gather the resources with which to build the Keythedral from the surrounding fields.

Resource cubes in the following colours: When laying cottage tiles a player will find it helpful later in the game if their cottages are adjacent to each of the five types of fields. Shopping at eBay, Walmart, or Jet.


He is also happy to assist the players krythedral their workers wherever possible, but only twice each round. The next player player B in clockwise order then chooses the work order marker marked second and places the marker on one of the remaining numbers in order to denote which of the numbered cottages and houses they have chosen.

The 8 new tiles are: Variation three The architect has completed his design keythderal the building of the Keythedral is begun. If there are no law cards remaining in the chapter house then no further new laws are available.

Procure a new law card. Place the resource cubes into the store the box bottom and place the store at the side of the playing area. If the glassmaker has any purple cubes stained glass available from the glassworks, the glassmaker will exchange one purple cube for any three resource cubes or craft cubes.

If there riles fewer than five players, remove the surplus field tiles from the playing surface. The resource cubes are taken from the store. That is not to say that the order cannot be changed – for a price, or that the law master will not issue a new law to change the order that the players have agreed. Players may then choose to fence off some of the fields in order to keep out their opponent’s workers.

In the existing ruled order, players play their worker counters from the cottages and houses bearing the numbers in the order that you have chosen.


For example, if the number one work order space has been chosen, you may play workers from your number one cottage from one other cottage that you nominate as a number one cottage. In stage three the building will require some timber and may also require some ironwork. This site is created and maintained by: Any cottage tile removed in this way is immediately replaced into any available new position.

Keythedral | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

The cost of a building tile is decreased by one cube. Craft cubes in the following colours: At the end of the game a player’s score is the total of the numbers keyhedral the building tiles they have acquired. This could happen as a result of one, two, three or four fences being played, depending on how many field tiles are adjacent to the cottage tile. I just don’t know how I feel about a game where you are sometimes trying to decide which actions you need to avoid because it keythedrzl give keytheral players after you a distinct advantage.

Make a purchase from the blacksmith, glassmaker or goldsmith. Once all of the face up number one building tiles have been acquired, immediately turn over the four number two building tiles so that their cost is visible.

The building work performed on a keytehdral to turn it into a house collapses. The goldsmith car glassmaker will accept two fewer resource cubes when selling gold or stained glass. Typically there will be seven, eight or nine rounds in a game. The game Play proceeds in a clockwise order throughout the game. They will get stone from the quarries, timber from the woods, water from the lakes, food from the farms and wine from the vineyards. For one turn in phase one a player may change the number of one their cottages or houses to the same number as the work order number just chosen and ignore the number on the cottage tile.