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KDevelop provides seamless integration with a variety of documentation You can simply open a documentation page by hovering a symbol and then selecting . Support. Before looking for support, be sure to read the available documentation, whether that is the application handbook, developer documentation or other. The KTextEditorPreviewPlugin software provides the KTextEditor Document Preview Plugin, a plugin for the editor Kate, the IDE KDevelop.

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Visit our IRC channel kdevelop at Freenode join via web chat here. Importing a project from a version control system server Option 2: I also focused on a lot of minor improvements this past month to make the plugin easier to build and use, to make it more reliable, etc.

KDevelop Handbook

Debugging programs in KDevelop Running a program in the debugger Attaching the debugger to a running process Some useful keyboard shortcuts 8. Thanks a lot to the local organization team, and of course to all the nice people attending and discussing things. The main bulk of the KDevelop documentation facility provides immediate access to structured documentation, local as well as remote ones.

This now works for parsing errors, but now that the underlying infrastructure is there, type errors and lints are soon to follow: Normally KDevelop will fill this in on its first start-up. In short, such an API documents the interface to certain library functions. The Title field may not be accessible, depending on the documentation type to be maintained. On one hand, there documentztion the User list, which is aimed at support and general discussion around KDevelop.

Developer Blogs

Use the buttons to the right of the list field to add, edit or remove the document items. One page at a time will open after a click on its index card title:. This URL points to the location where all files of this documentation are located. Localization of KDevelop is handled by the awesome people behind l10n.


Feature Tour

CMake QMake Custom Makefiles partially Generic build system no automatic include path detection KDevelop knows how to invoke build automation tools such as make and ninja and has dedicated configuration pages for them. Please step up, contact us via IRC or the mailing lists and start writing documentation.

The directory in which the index.

Code generation with templates Creating a new class Creating a new unit test Other files Managing templates 5. The kdev-rust repository is available here mirror. In the KDevelop workshop for example, we discussed about the future of the project — which issues […].

Customizing KDevelop Customizing the editor Customizing code indentation Customizing keyboard shortcuts Customizing code auto-completion Happy 20th anniversary, KDevelop. KDevelop provides seamless integration with a variety of documentation providers.

Context Sensitive CMake Documentation | KDevelop

Navigation widget popup when moving the mouse over items, or when pressing Alt with the text cursor over them. Depending on the size of complexity of your project, analysis might take a while at first; but after that first time, everything is cached on disk and loaded in few seconds on each subsequent startup of the IDE.

You can often meet KDevelop developers there, and we are usually willing to help with user support requests as well as development questions. The supported systems are:. Project, class and function browser The code browser mode press Ctrl when clicking on an symbol makes it super easy to browse through an unknown code base.

Importing a project that is already on your hard drive Setting up an application as a second project Creating projects from scratch 3.

The plugin enables a live preview of the currently edited text document in the final format. If you want to help KDevelop with patches or new plugins, we are more than willing to help you get your feet wet! This provides fast access to the documentation by the use of the Index and optionally Finder pages kdevflop the KDevelop Documentation facility. Former KDevelop versions allowed to select the documentation items to be displayed on a per-project basis.


You may adjust the entries using the buttons to the right of the list field. There are two active mailing lists for KDevelop. It should correspond to an actual documentation section. These setups control which documentation items will be listed on the Contents page of the KDevelop Documentation facility, and how the user may access documentation details by indexed and full text searches.

When KDevelop was installed usually a series of predefined. The following build systems are supported, which means that KDevelop can automatically obtain run and build targets as well as include paths from them: Building compiling projects with custom Makefiles Building individual Makefile targets Selecting a collection of Makefile targets for repeated building What to do with error messages 6.

Contribute to the KDevelop project If you are willing to help KDevelop, there are multiple ways to contribute. The plugin enables a live preview of the currently edited text document in the final format, in the sidebar Kate or as tool view KDevelop.

This will delay the first access noticeably, because the index will be read from disk and then cached. Highlighting which takes the semantics of the language into account, and for example highlights class documsntation differently from variable names, even if this cannot be recognized from the syntax of the code alone.

Setting up Doxygen generated API documentation.