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Find great deals on eBay for Kawasaki KXF Manual in Kawasaki. Shop with confidence. Kawasaki KXF — Owner’s Manual. Posted on 11 Sep, Model: Kawasaki KXF Pages: File size: 3 MB. Download Manual. Manual . KXF & RM-z Service Manual – MXGuy. Tue, 18 Dec GMT. I recently obtained the Kawasaki KXF Service Manual and.

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Avoid all harsh chemicals, solvents, detergents, and household cleaning products such as ammo- General Precautions nia-based window cleaners. When air enters the brake lines, brake lever or pedal movement will be partially used in compressing the air.

Oil Level Inspection Window 3. Chain link Length mm More Than 1 mm 0. Fuel containing these oxygenates to 60 days, mix a fuel stabilizer such as can also be used in your Kawasaki. The launch control mode can be used to adjust ig- nition timing to help riders get better starts on slip- pery terrain.

The actual item is shown in the above photos. Follow the specific tightening sequence. Joint Hose Turn the blue paint to upside.

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Air, however, is easily compressed. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Place blocks under the wheel so that the disc does not touch the ground. Muffler Clamp Bolt B. Amount Right Front Fork mL 7. Special Tools – Jack: A short or open in one of the coil leads will result in either a low output, or no output at all.


Intake Air Pressure Sensor Air pressure in the fork legs increase with normal use, so the fork action stiffens during operation. Align the rear wheel using the marks on the swingarm or measuring the distance between the center of the axle and swingarm pivot.

Kawasaki KX250F Manuals

With the engine stopped and conduct a self-diagnosis inspection, the service code is indicated by the number of times the FI warning indicator light option blinks. Engine Stop Switch Throttle body holder loose Spark plug cap shorted or not in good con Silicone Sealant range, adjust by an authorized Kawasaki dealer or Wheelbase 1 mm The semi-gloss finish effect may be lost when it is Chrome and Aluminum excessively rubbed.

If the damage is not repairable, replace the inner tube.

The fully seated position adjuster turned fully counterclockwise is the softest setting. After racing, first clean the motorcycle, then in- spect the entire motorcycle with kx250g attention to the air cleaner, brakes, etc.

Brake Fluid Rear 3.



Other- wise, the motorcycle cannot clear the regulation. Rear Brake Pedal 4.

Standard Valve Clearance 0. Kick Starter Idle Gear 9. Touch the front brake hose fitting to the stopper. Chain Lubrication Lubrication of the drive chain is necessary after rid- ing in the rain or manial, or any time the chain appears dry with a high quality lubricant for drive chains.

Coolant Change The coolant should be changed to ensure long en- gine life, if necessary. Run the joint hose over the main harness. Timing Inspection Cap B.


Clamp the sub-harness at the blue tape portion. So what you see is exactly what you will receive. Remove the fork leg from the vise. Oil Screen feed 3.

We do our best to ensure that the quantity availa Adjust the spring preload to suit your preference under certain kxwasaki. Page 5 Motorcycle Noise Emission Control Information This motorcycle is designed for closed course competition use only.

Bearing Remover Shaft,