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Purpose of this Sloka – This stotra is believed to help us recover stolen or snatched items. The stotra is to be read and then the mantra should. Posted June 5, by meeraghu in Kartivirarjuna Mantra, lyrics, Madhwa Calendar. . For lost items, Karthaveeryarjuna is recommended because, from the. kArtavIrya dvAdashanAma stotram.., Sanskrit text in Unicode Devanagari, other Indian languages, ITRANS and IAST (Roman) encoding as pdf and webpage.

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Posted by jayantmohite on April 19, at 1: Faith in God and mantras do help but we must also treat kartyaveeryarjuna underlying disease instead of just praying. Finally, at the very same place and spot, when I went over there to eat the concerned person asked me If I had left behind anything.

Mantra Power

Posted by ramakrishnan on January 8, at 4: Respected madam, yesterday on nov12th i loss my gold ear top. Sir pls send me kartveeryarjun kavcham maantra mantra stotram at y gmail.


Posted by sarika on June 28, at It seems Chakra was proud and Lord Vishnu wanted to teach him a lesson. Posted by sampat kumar on July 1, at 1: Day of the week. Posted by Mansi on May 31, at I want do kartnaveeryarjuna to get it back, can you please tell me the process of Chanting the mantra. Congrats on success after Shiva worship.

Posted by mala on December 5, at Please pray sincerely to Godess Araikasu Amman the deity of erstwhile Pudukottai Maharajahs in tamilnadu. But rectifying relationships through mantra seems like a new idea, which still requires acceptance.

Notify me of new posts via email. The Black Lotus App. Posted by sunil on November 28, at 4: He is foodHe is personification of all Vedas. Posted by suma on November 27, at 1: Thanks again for your kind words.

A prayer for recovering stolen things

Posted by Ramana Rao Karthaveeryaruuna on May 22, at 8: Thanks to all Reply. But please call me Kaushik, not Sir. Kindly please help me and give me solutions so that i can recover my phone.


Posted by meeraghu on December 6, at 8: But yes, my friend also suggested it is a powerful word to chant till u get it. Posted by Bhuvana on November 3, at 6: He should elaborate more details.

Posted by meeraghu on January 6, at 1: Posted by meeraghu on November 18, at 8: Thanks for the shlokam.

karthaveeryarjuna stotram and mantra – A prayer for recovering stolen things

Can you or anybody else provide these? If you are interested, contact me at my e-mail ID: God bless you tinu. Let karthaeveryarjuna know if you succeed.