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Mengamati gerak osilasi bandul matematis. · Menentukan frekuensi bandul matematis. · Menentukan nilai tetapan percepatan gravitasi bumi. II. Penentuan Parameter Bandul Matematis untuk Memperoleh Energi Maksimum dengan Jurnal Teknik ITS by Lembaga Penelitian dan Pengabdian Kepada. Pengembangan Alat Peraga Bandul Matematis untuk Melatihkan Keterampilan Proses Siswa pada Materi Gerak Harmonik Sederhana di Kelas XI SMAN 3.

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The aim of this research was to produce prototype a valid mathematical pendulum props based microcontroller and student worksheet so that can be used properly as physics learning media for senior high school on simple harmonic motion material.

Pengaruh Panjang Tali Pada Bandul Matematis Terhadap Hasil Perhitungan Percepatan Gravitasi Bumi

A simple pendulum is an idealisation, working on the assumption that: Mathematical pendulum props based microcontroller, student worksheet physics learning media. The instrument used is the mathematical pendulum are optimized by material type nylon rope to prevent the rotational jurnxl of the pendulum, the use of mirrors board to identify and eliminate Conic motion of pendulum and analysis tracker for the determination of the period of a pendulum precisely.

Secara teori disebutkan bahwa periode dan frekuensi sebuah osilasi harmonic sederhanahanya bergantung pada panjang tali banndul dan percepatan gravitasi g Serway: The aspects which were assessed were the functionality of the equipment which got 3. Substituting this approximation into 1 matfmatis the equation for a harmonic oscillator: The results showed a mean value of the Earth’s surface gravitational acceleration g of the third day in a row is 9.


Inovasi Pendidikan Fisika

By using the following Maclaurin series: Sedangkan bandul fisis, panjang tali dianggap sebagai benda tegar, yang berat dan momen inersianya ditinjau secara khusus. Remember me on this computer. Therefore or in words: Data were collected by recording the pendulum swing using high-resolution cameras with a shooting speed of 24 frames per second fpsthe video is analyzed using application tracker in order to obtain the period of a pendulum swing. Jurnwl benda disebabkan oleh gaya beratnya.

Figure 5 shows the relative errors using the power series.

Relative errors using the power series. Bagaimana hubungan antara panjang tali terhadap periode bandul matematis? Menimbang massa beban b.

The aspect which were assessed from student worksheet were the content accuartion which got 3. It can be concluded that mathematical pendulum based microcontroller and student worksheet were valid based on validation by the validators so that can be used properly as physics learning media for senior high school on simple harmonic motion material.

It can be derived from the conservation of mechanical energy. User Username Password Remember me. The period of the motion, the time for a complete oscillation outward and return is Which is Christiaan Huygens’s law for the period.

Pengaruh Panjang Tali Pada Bandul Matematis Terhadap Hasil Perhitungan Percepatan Gravitasi Bumi

It can be rewritten in the form of the elliptic function of the first kind also see Jacobi’s elliptic functionswhich gives little advantage since that form is also insoluble. Latar Belakang Bandul bqndul ayunan dibagi menjadi dua: Making the assumption of small angle allows the approximation To be made. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.


By all, each indicator of assessment in every aspect ware declared as valid in very high category.


Small-angle approximation The differential equation given above is not soluble in elementary functions. On the surface of the earth, the length of a pendulum in metres is approximately one quarter of the square of the time period in matemattis.

The data was obtained from validation result by 3 lecturers and 3 teachers as validator the validation was conducted in two mztematis, first phase was improvement and the second was assessment. Click here to sign up.

T0 is the linear approximation, and T2 to T10 include respectively the terms up to the 2nd to the 10th powers. The difference less matenatis 0. In this research, the development just till the validation step of the learning media and student worksheet.

The equivalent power series is: From the kinetic energy the velocity can be calculated. Based on the results of this study concluded that the Earth’s surface gravitational acceleration g is influenced by partial solar eclipse. Sebelum mengayunkan bandul tersebut, kita menentukan simpangan sudutnya dengan menggunakan busur d.