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Julien Benda’s classic study of s Europe resonates today. The “treason of the intellectuals” is a phrase that evokes much but is inherently ambiguous. Julien Benda (26 December – 7 June ) was a French philosopher and novelist. He remains famous for his short book, La Trahison des Clercs (The Tr. The Treason of the Intellectuals: Julien Benda: La Trahison des clercs (; The Treason of the Intellectuals; also published as The Great Betrayal), Benda.

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I believe there are better critiques of the trends described in this book.

Julien Benda

Pavelescu Sabin-Stefan rated it really liked it Dec 30, Hammam Azar rated it really liked it Dec 20, In Europe in the s, intellectuals oc abandoning their attachment to traditional philosophical and scholarly ideals, and instead glorified particularisms and ontellectuals relativism.

This is the undoing of thought. Emehinola Taiwo rated it liked it Dec 17, The business guru is arguably top of the heap when it comes to academic rubbish. Retrieved from ” https: The thesis is interesting — though not entirely persuasive — but the book is better known than read. Transaction PublishersDec 31, – Philosophy – pages.

Winning is the only measure of success no matter how banal, or destructive, or painful to others the competition might be. Outis rated it really liked it Jun 09, This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat Human aspirations, specifically after power, would become the sole end of society.


The Treason of the Intellectuals – Julien Benda – Google Books

Historically, the Enlightenment arose as a deeply anti-clerical and, perforce, anti-traditional movement. The “treason of the intellectuals” is a phrase that evokes much but is inherently ambiguous. The institute was run by a brilliant man who had an explicit and compelling credo: Quotes [ edit ] Treason of the Intellectuals [ edit ] When Machiavelli advises the Prince to carry out the Machiavellian scheme of action, he invests those actions with no sort of morality or beauty.

If this book is reported as a work of a ‘clerc’, then it is a failure. Mar 02, John rated it it was amazing.

Mark rated it really liked it Oct 26, He was nominated for the Intellectuqls Prize in Literature four times [1] and one time for the Goncourt Prize. As soon as the society or individuals of that society does so, it gives up any plausible attention to transcendental truths. In which female circumcision is practiced?

He was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature four times. At one point early in my career I was a member of an academic institute at the University of Pennsylvania. Thus, I choose to not see it as such, but rather an interested as opposed to disinterested, as the book would argue warning to the intellectual.

Julien Benda – Wikiquote

For today, in the United States julein, only the title of the book, intellcetuals its argument, enjoys much currency. The Treason of the Intellectuals. Such ideals have not fared well in the twentieth century: Among other things, this means that it is a brief for the idea that mankind is united by a common humanity that transcends ethnic, racial, and sexual divisions.


However, the concern was proved valid and, as such, it deserves consideration.

The treason of the intellectuals & “The Undoing of Thought”

Jan 12, Constantin C. La Trahison des Clercs.

Si-Liang Luo – – Modern Bneda 4: It may be asserted that these writers would have warmly taken up the cause of France, if France had not been their own country. I know this because I had this self-image and made this rationalisation for a large part of my adult life and was considered normal by my colleagues.

Popular passages Page xviii – A generalized tolerance will be best achieved if we leave undisturbed whatever it is which constitutes the special character of particular individuals and peoples, whilst at the same time we retain the conviction that the distinctive worth of anything with true merit lies in its belonging to all humanity.

The problem is not one of practice and professional error but one of ideals. For them, the act which makes the State strong is invested with a moral character by the fact that it does so, and this whatever the act may be. In which mixed marriages are forbidden and polygamy encouraged? History of Western Philosophy.