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The JoshStrength Method, Southlake, Texas. K likes. Expert Personal Training: In-Person / One-on-One – Online Training Contact Us to find out. The Josh Strength Method. I went to the CPU Nationals last week, I went to spectate and to get a feel of how meets are run. It seem like alot of. the joshstrength method revealed ?m=PD&cid=&pid= PM – 9 Mar 1 Retweet; Larry.

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I had a few prospects of who I might look into to hire for my programming, but one day I was looking through the Jailhouse Strong Instagram page and I decided I didn’t need to look any further. I Can’t believe We’re already 11 weeks out. Speed work for all the main lifts, but, not like the typical Westside style of having a specific day just for them. I’m Also goiung to try an get as much video of my training sessions as I can. I know some people do this, so it’s not like a big secret.

I average about miles a week.

About Josh Strength

Locking out was very painful. On top of that, he set up a phone consultation. There were absolute monsters in line to be weighed and gear checked. His Ebook is good but if you have the cash I definitly advise on hiring him! Said “No thanks” and walked away.


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Max was Touch and Go before this training cycle. Also my knees are coming more forward jooshstrength I’d like. When you don’t take proper care, rehab, pre-hab, things start to degrade really quickly. Results 1 to 24 of The Josh Strength Method. I’ll take it anyways. The program is designed for people who are committed to their goals and following the program exactly. Deadlift still sucked, but I had to do them.

About JoshStrength

This dude is serious. By Josh Hyaduck in forum Workout Journals.

Atleast i Figured metjod how to get the video to work properly. My upper back starts to round over the more reps I do. I haven’t worked that hard on a Bench day, ever. By cgc in forum MMA Fighting. Last edited by prodiboy; at Video will be up after i find another video editing program. The heaviest squat I achieved in training with the SSB was lbs two weeks before the meet I set my goals for a squat, bench, and deadlift.


Posted by Jay Kearney at 1: We planned it out. I’m going to look for a strength coach to help with my squats since it feels like my form sucks ass.

Josh and I discussed openers and what was realistic mdthod my third attempts. Since I won’t be revealing any of the nitty gritty of the program, I’ll just point out a few unique features that Josh implemented for me specifically.

I still had to survive for Deadlift. Josh Bryant is a great trainer. Similar Threads Jhyaduck’s Training Log My training partner hit a nice 15lb Bench PR a gain of 30lbs in just over 4months.

I hit my squat without much pain and relatively easy. Instead of saying “Of course! As we set off, I was feeling pretty josbstrength about the programming and definitely seeing some strength gains.

It was all set.