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Ezio Petersen/UPI PhotoJose Canseco, in April of , with his second book ‘ Vindicated.’ In the book, Canseco first alleged that Yankees 3B. In , Jose Canseco blew the lid off Major League Baseball’s steroid scandal — and no one believed him. His “New York Times” bestselling memoir “Juiced”. Jose Canseco, in an attempt to help “clean up baseball”, decided to write a tell-all book detailing steroid use in baseball. His book, Juiced.

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Canseco regrets naming names in his book about steroids

There are only a dozen pages of new material and even those pages are just Canseco being ridiculous. Everything you need to know 18h Kevin Seifert. Well, they weren’t completely right, but they weren’t completely wrong. The owners knew it, in most cases.

Anyway, he said he was about 40 lbs. Aug 07, Kathy added it. I asked him about it. And what you said, that he approached you about acquiring steroids and human growth hormones. Hardcoverpages. I will let Gene slide since he can actually back up his achievements. If you want a drinking game while reading this one, then I have a drinking vvindicated just for you.

He’s told me that, quote, “I’m a man’s man.

Canseco regrets naming names in his book about steroids

Most of these guys did what they ‘thought’ they had to in order to keep their job and compete. Join our mailing list!

Lest there be any doubt about theveracity of his claims, Canseco subjected himself to three lie detector tests, one of which was conducted by a former FBI special agent and top polygraph examiner who investigated the Unabomber, Whitewater, the Oklahoma City bombing, and the bombing of the World Trade Center. The book ended with Canseco remembering his childhood and also not regretting all that has happened in his life and how he keeps moving forward in life with no regrets.


Click here to watch our interview with baseball’s “bad boy” Jose Canseco: He just makes himself look to good.

So we just don’t know yet. Aug 25, Adara rated it it was ok. That is one of the things he said in this book. I really thought he was exaggerating and not too credible when he released Juiced, but obviously he is very credible and honest.

Steroids and the use of steroids destroyed my life completely. I know that steroids and other illegal drugs are a matter of dicussion in many sports.

Vindicated (book) – Wikipedia

The commissioner may have known it. You say in this new book — you talk about jjose fair — Roger Clemens for example, you say no first-hand knowledge of him using steroids. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies? What I got was rehash of old material: Everybody is agaisnt him I thought this book was very good because there is a guy who use to take steriods and now he is amititing that he did use them.

Well, maybe a couple here and there more. I really enjoyed Juiced, but this book was repetitive to what was written in his first.


This could have been a 30 page book if we’d have been spared the repetitive “I single handedly saved baseball” speech. Publishers were worried about slanderous statements that would bring on lawsuits. Steroids definately degrade your obstacles but if team owners are paying you millions of dollars to play and get a couple of hits, hey whats the risk? Nonetheless, ironically enough, the strangest issue was that — you know, the Mitchell report comes out with all these baseball players, all these names.

Asked me if I had any players — if I knew of any players that were interested in training and maybe acquiring steroids.

This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated. Is there vindicted downside to that? I recommend this book in you’re interested in a light read. Price may vary by retailer. Jun 22, Ron Kaplan rated it it was ok. Apr 17, Reid Vnidicated rated it did not like it Shelves: It’s meat could have been contained in an S. On the other hand, you can’t blame Canseco for rubbing it in. I enjoyed some of the stuff he wrote about the Mitchell Report but really there was no need for another book.