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Background Key Concepts of Jomini to Continental Strategy Jomini’s Ideas and their Validation on the Nature of Warfare Contributions in Advancing Strategic. interpreting his contributions to strategy and the art of war: Antoine Henri Jomini ( ) and Carl von Clausewitz (%. ). The purpose of this. Baron Antoine Reuri Jomini is generally recognized as the dominant military strategist tactics and strategy, particularly that of the South, and the inevitable.

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Until he was considered by the English to be preeminent among military strategists, and his books were required reading in military academies.

Finally, Captain Blanch, a Neapolitan officer, has made an interesting analysis of the different periods of the art as written and practiced. Brinton, Crane, Gordon A. The Man and his Letters Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, Most frequently, Jomini is treated as being somehow the opposite of Clausewitz: The Duke of Wellington considered strqtegy a pompous charlatan. He returned to business in Switzerland after the Peace of Amienswhere he began writing on military subjects.

First, he correctly distinguished his own work from Clausewitz’s by pointing stfategy its explicitly instructional i. This book is without contradiction, the most complete that exists on the tactics of battles, and if it falls sometimes into an excess contrary to that of the Prussian general, by prescribing, in doctrines details of execution often impracticable in war, he cannot be denied a truly remarkable merit, and one of the first grades among tacticians.

Modern Language Association http: Simultaneously, the two writers’ overt mutual insults tend to make other readers—those who are not familiar with both works—assume a basic contradiction in their views.

On WarBook Two, Chapter 2. Despite his insistence that theory must be descriptive rather than prescriptive in nature, Clausewitz frequently provides instructive discussions of common military problems like contested river crossings, the defense of mountainous areas, etc.

His first published study of military operations stratgey that of Frederick II. Handel, Masters of War: Baron Antoine Henri Jomini rose in the ranks of the Swiss army, eventually serving stratey Marshall Michel Ney as chief of staff and becoming a baron in There are then nothing but usages, the principles of which are unknown to us. Meanwhile, steategy of replying to the reproach, and of giving utterance to a single grievance, he has found it more simple to retaliate by injuries, to which a military man will never reply in books, which should have another object than collecting personalities.


In all the arts, as in all the situations of life, knowledge and skill are two altogether different things, and if one often succeed through the latter alone, it is never but the union of the two that constitutes a superior man and assures complete success. Specifically, Jomini stated in his book:. The discussions of several authors, among others those of the Marquis de Chambray and of General Okounieff upon the fire of infantry. Home People History Swiss History: I fell back then, upon works of military history in order to seek, in the combinations of the great captains, a solution which those systems of the writers did not give me.

Antoine-Henri, Baron Jomini French: Inafter trying without success to bring about a political understanding between France and Russia, Jomini was called to St Petersburg to act as a military adviser to the Tsar during the Crimean War.

He drew on his growing knowledge of military operations to standardize several procedures, taking advantage of his position to experiment with organizational systems and strategies. At the critical moment of the battle of Eylau, he had exclaimed, “If I were the Russian commander for two hours! In the meantime, I will terminate this rapid sketch by a profession of faith upon the polemics of which this compendium and my first treatise have jomin the subject.

The Present Theory of War and Its Utility

For Jomini, Clausewitz’s death thirty-eight years prior to his own came as a piece of rare good fortune.

Cario Nisas, too verbose with regard to the ancients, mediocre for the epoch from the revival to that of the Seven Years War, has completely failed on the modern system. Under Bonaparte, the French had revolutionized warfare by decentralizing command, using a predominately conscripted force and vesting both political and military jomimi in a single leader. However, when war between France and Russia broke out, he was in a difficult position, which he dealt with by taking a noncombat command on the line of communication.


The latter especially made a certain sensation in Europe by his Spirit of the System of Modern Warfarethe work of a man of genius, but which was merely sketched, and which added nothing to the first notions given by Lloyd.

Jomini’s arrogance, irascibility, and naked ambition often led to friction with his fellows straregy eventually to a falling-out with Ney.

Jomini and Clausewitz–Their Interaction

Clausewitz saw history in relative terms, rejecting absolute categories, standards, and values. The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. Inhe moved to Pariswhere he worked first at another banking house and then as a stockbroker. He regretted that the Prussian had strqtegy been able to read his own Summary”persuaded that he would have rendered to it some justice.

Antoine-Henri Jomini – Wikipedia

He included a critical history of the military actions of Frederick II, “the Great,” during the Seven Years’ War, contrasting them unfavorably with the battles waged by Napoleon Bonaparte. Unfortunately, the latter translation omits this revealing essay on the state of military theory as Jomini perceived it around He succeeded, however, in overcoming the resistance of his enemies and took part in the Congress of Vienna.

Jomini fought with the Sixth Corps against Austria at Ulm in and served as senior-aide-de-camp against the Prussian Army at Jena and Bautzen the following year.