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When I asked Tor editor, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, what “Untitled John Scalzi” was , he swore me to secrecy. John had been writing a book. Wired: Your new novel is called Redshirts. What’s it about? John Scalzi: “ Redshirts” is a concept that goes back to the original Star Trek series. More accurately, the book Redshirts is not just a novel. .. I was going to have him sign eight times–once for each John Scalzi book in my Nook.

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When in reality it’s actors playing the same part who are the exact same person just of a different timeline, kinda, and who acted the same scenes If you want to go down a level and read it as a surreal meditation on character and genre like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Deadthis is your book. Its continuing mission, to kill naive new crewmembers, to seek out cheap thrills and easy lamentations, to boldly go where no redshirt has gone before!

It was mostly dialogue and very little description. Ooops, I think we just shocked Kirky and friends view spoiler [Spocky doesn’t look that shocked now, does he?

I don’t see a show with a title that unwieldy and clunky running six seasonsis that the minor characters he thoughtlessly kills are, in their own universe, real people with lives and hopes and loves.


Since this is supposed to be about structures and divisions and codas: I may decide to round up when I see how I feel about this in rdshirts day or two. The interview was heavily focused on my ability to write within the constraints of their authorial voice and existing publications – as stringent as working for any publication with a house style. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants.

And Call Me Conrad aka: And naturally, this is fine and perfectly fair. And then things get a little. This is a novel built on a great idea — imagine if all joun disposable non-core-cast characters constantly killed for dramatic effect in sci-fi TV shows realised what was happening to them and rebelled against it, doing their damnedest to avoid going on missions with important, non-expendable crewmembers, trying sccalzi get transferred off the ship, etc.

I am reminded of a book dealer who once commented at an SF con about the way some chain book stores have several discount shelves at the joohn sorted by price.

The last section of the story, a series of codas, also really jarred with me. I love a complex plot, great character I’ve been kind of on a Scalzi kick lately.

One page you’re reading and wondering if anything is going to happen to wake you from your slumber, and next thing you know: Unsurprisingly, the savvier members belowdecks avoid Away Missions at all costs. But you can choose not to read them, I guess they don’t add much to the story anyway. Finally, a few of the junior crew members decide to try recshirts get to the bottom of this mysterious phenomenon and, if possible, try to find a way to end it.


I wasn’t a tremendous fan of that one either. Views Read Edit View history.

A Note About the Format of Redshirts

World Science Fiction Society. I actually enjoyed Fuzzy Nation more. I started out thinking this would be a 4 star read. On one hand, it was funny but not hilarious.

A Note About the Format of Redshirts – Whatever

Honestly, I didn’t need that, it was like anti-climatic having finished the novel and then finding those “codas”, that they didn’t give me any info of importante to change my impression of the novel. You’d be wrong though! Scalzi gets yet another Media Deal. Dear Redshjrts, Please break rules and send me Redshirts today.

Dick Here Gather the Stars aka: Is this feature helpful?

There are times I wonder how Scalzi might have handled a second career, say, as a senator or a hostage negotiator. As you read them, it becomes clearer why Scalzi felt he had to write them.