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Now with 36% More Magic! The complete restoration of a signed torn playing card one piece at a time Who could have known five years ago when John Lovick . I was wondering if any one can tell me if this trick needs a gimmick or anything? Can it also be hand to the spectator immediately after you are. Buy Reparation by John Lovick: Toys & Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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I think I have studied and done them all. I’ve got Posts. Apr 27, Today, when you order “Reparation by John Lovick”you’ll instantly be emailed a Penguin Magic gift certificate. Because is so smooth and easy! John put out the manuscript in the mid 90’s and around ’98 a video produced repagation MagciSmith. The Other Brothers We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic.

Reparation by John Lovick

Where It Has To. Did this review help you? Mar 29, To see their signed card torn in quarters and then being fused together really leaves a huge impression. Want to pay by phone?


Reparation by John Lovick DVD $

This requires a lot of practice, but it’s well worth it. I like using my normal cards, joh my older, used cards-This has it covered. I agree with chris. These are the same rules that I use to train employees.

We offer a thirty-day guarantee on most items. Thorough explanations and over-the-shoulder camera angles ensure you’ll master this routine in no time.

I think is the best torn and restored card. The flash restore is shocking as well. See a site map. I believe when they say “table hopping” they are speaking of the reparatoon high end restaurants, not the fast food type or Pizza Hut. I would much prefer the other torn and restored cards on the market over this one. Wouldn’t you just love to see our internal policies?

Some setup is required, but no gadgets, gimmicks, or anything extra. Although the mechanics will require some practice, this should be within the range of intermediate magicians.

Take a look at our Return Policy.

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The Magic Depot provides high-quality magic tricks and theatrical props to professional entertainers. The End by Rick. Showing the Most Helpful Newest.

Reparation is nice, I don’t know about performing it tableside though, very angly. Lovick says it can be used for table hopping in restaurants. I only gave it 4 stars because of the difficulty to learn olvick the effect itself which deserves 6 stars. The Other Brothers As much as I like the one piece at a time restore, I have yet to rsparation one that fits my needs. I have seen many but the way this is delivered is pure genius from the handling, patter and timing.


Click below for details Suit Cut to Orde. The moves are not difficult, and you can focus on your presentations and getting great reactions from your audience. Because Handsome makes it look so easy, you might think it is easy to do but anyone who masters this lofick deserves the reactions they are sure to get throughout their performing career. Plus Lovick is really funny.

Thorough explanations and over-the-shoulder camera angles ensure you’ll master this rreparation in no time. I also didn’t like when he restores the third piece.

The face of the card is facing the spectators.