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The Carb Nite Solution: The Physicist’s Guide to Power Dieting [John Kiefer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Trained as a physicist to rely . This week we have John Kiefer returning to the show. He’s the man behind two upcoming books– Carb Backloading and . Insulin control and ketosis is a solution—but it doesn’t jive that high insulin alone is causing obesity. The following is a summarization of a book titled “The Carb Nite Solution®,” by John Kiefer. I recently purchased John Kiefer’s book, The Carb.

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Shana Wolfe rated it really liked it May 04, As I walked by the bathroom mirror I got a glimpse of the damage. I monitor my carb intake with an app. August 24, at Anticipating another carb-free stint, Carb Nite drives the body to store extra amounts of sugar in your muscles as glycogenamong other places. AmandaLeAnnRamsey Congrats on the weight loss so far If you want to feel the pangs of disappointment, weigh yourself the morning after Carb Nite.

As for fat on Carb Nite, it doesn’t matter that much. Backed by Real Science. Your success depends on a full enjoyment of Carb Nite. The ability to manage and unify large amounts of information and most importantly I am able to gather, decipher and form a theory to describe a mind-boggling number of facts.

I hope that helps!

Therefore, the morning after Carb Nite might have you feeling and looking a little softer in the mirror. Nevertheless, I hope you find this information useful. Loren rated it car liked it Johh 22, Luckily just before she was about to give up, a friend recommends she give the Carb Nite Solution a try. In my professional career as a Physicist I developed a very particular set of skills. Called carb-loading by athletes, the reintroduction of carbs for the evening amasses a large store—not of fat, but of sugar.


Kiefer Productions, LLC, Not only was I able to experience some amazing cuisine, I re-gained a social life that I previously shied away from when food was involved.

You’ll be shocked to learn how much of what we were taught about nutrition by the health associations, and government that kiffer flat out wrong.

The Carb Nite Solution

Sometimes the keto flu does not happen until now if not previously experienced in the first five days. Once he releases the new version with all of this included, I would very likely rate it 5 stars. I’d encourage anyone who is truly looking for an easy way to get healthy to not only read this book, but consume any information you can that is produced by the author, John Kiefer. The average weekly loss can range from lbs cafb week and every week will be different.

In general though, most people keep their ratios anywhere from.

While that huge stack of doughnuts on your site looks heavenly, I question my restraint after being restrictive. I actually started this diet not having read the book. The idea is to burn fat, and only fat as opposed to most other diets which cause you to burn muscle as wellnnite the duration of the diet up to 6 months. Al said I have not finished the book as I don’t think one can ever really finish kiefee book.

The Carb Nite Solution by John Kiefer

The body needs at least four full days to shed any stored carbs from the last Carb Nite and levels of the carb-to-fat converting enzymes need just as long solutino fade. Books by John Kiefer. Excellent book on the science behind burning fat vs.

The real life cookie monster. Whether soltuion cover to cover or used as a prized reference, The Carb Nite Solution is the key for dieting freedom. This nitw uses cookies. Drink plenty of water and eating mineral rich foods, like bananas, helps prevent cramping.


Hi, I’m so excited that I came across your informative site. When I first started Carb Nite I explained to my friends and loved ones why I needed to indulge once a week and they were all on board.

The only exception to this rule is during carb nite, when high glycemic carbs are the focus not fat. Very, Very, Interesting Read. The author has also recently released a video update that addresses many of the issues and questions that are not answered in this version of the book.

I decided to give it a try and have lost 23 lbs in 4 weeks. I’ve got the eating down, I’m extremely strict Keto.

Email required Address never made public. The first 10 I actually started this diet solutioj having read the book. It gives me what I need while still enjoying what I want. This is a very simple read and it explains the basics of the diet well. Like Liked by 1 person.

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Sound too good to be true? In addition, if you’re currently on insulin or other medications for your diabetes you will definitely want to get approval from your doctor on the best approach for you. It might even help you get jon the keto flu. However, the book is in sore need of an update and solutioj author has promised one in mid I began to read everything I could on the body, weight lifting, and dieting to try to fix what I thought was my screwed up genetics.

It is, but it just needs some tweaking for specific needs of women or nitte that have difficulty losing weight based on just the basic diet he has laid out. How often do you work out?