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Revision of the JKR Building Specifications started in. involving Civil engineers and the Architects. • The specifications was completed and applied to. Wednesday, October 22, JKR – Standard Specifications For Building Works How much for the specs handbook? Reply. JABATAN KERJA RAYA MALAYSIA. STANDARD SPECIFICATION. FOR ROAD WORKS. Section 4: Flexible Pavement. CAWANGAN JALAN,. IBU PEJABAT.

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General The work to be done under this section unless otherwise shown or described in the B. The contractor shall coordinate with all subcontractors on the exact location and size of the openings.

Other means specidication jointing reinforcement shall be to the approval of the S. It shall be kept wet and covered with plastic sheeting to promote efficient curing. All intersecting bars shall be tied together with binding wire and the ends of the wire shall be turned into the main body of the concrete.

Preboring of piles may be allowed for the following reasons: A blinding layer of 50 kjr minimum thick of lean concrete as specified in sub-section 9. This is considered valid provided: The aggregates shall be free of any impurities that may cause staining.

Full design loads shall not be applied to any structure until all load bearing concrete is at least 28 days old. The compressive strength of the specimens shall be determined in accordance with EN The test result shall be that obtained from the average of the results of two or more specimens made from one sample for testing at the same specifjcation.

Chases and holes through walls and slabs for secification passage 201 pipes, wiring and the like shall be neatly cut or formed. The Contractor shall ensure that holes and fixings are properly constructed. Measurement of settlement Settlements shall be measured by use of a reference beam or wire supported independently of the load test pile, reaction pile or piles supporting reaction loads.

Interior and exterior of each pipe at the joint shall be thoroughly cleaned before the joint is made. This shall be taken on a circumferential or longitudinal weld and its position shall be as directed by the S. Such jir shall not in any way relieve the Contractor of his liabilities under the Conditions of Contract.


If boring is oversize, any gap between the tube and ground shall be filled with compacted sand prior driving the pile. He shall comply with all instructions or directions given by the S. The time interval between completion of boring and placing of concrete should be preferably within six 6 hours.

The Contractor shall be responsible for compliance with bylaws and regulations relating to earthworks. The beam and projections should be at about the same elevation as the attachments to the pile specificaiton which spedification measuring devices will bear. The total amount of water added to the mix shall be recorded. If raking piles are to be installed then the setting out pins, pegs or markers is located in an offset position at piling platform level taking into account of depth to cut-off level and rake value of the pile.

Pipes And Fittings 5. Each control test shall provide moisture content, dry density and air void content. This margin shall be at least that need to satisfy the conformity criteria given in sub-section 4. The extension shall be truly in line at all stages of handling and driving with the remainder of the pile and be properly cured and allowed to harden sufficiently to develop the strength necessary for further driving.

JKR Standard Specification 2014.pdf

The use of accelerated curing methods for concrete containing other types of cement or any admixture or any additional materials shall be to the approval of the S. Sapwood should not be used without preservative treatment 3. Necessary visible barriers shall be installed around each geotechnical instruments wherever required.

Form release agents shall be carefully chosen to ensure that the surface shall not be stained or discolored. Butt welded joints shall be stiffened with plates fillet welded on all four 4 sides as detailed on the Drawings. This section of the work shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the appropriate bylaws and to the approval of the S. A period of time shall elapse between the placing of the concrete and specificattion removal of the formwork for various parts of the structure so as to suit the requirements for its curing.

Where such water supply is not available, potable water shall be provided from sources approved by the S. Land Conservation Act Act The sand used shall be as described hereinbefore and the maximum size shall pass through a 4. Any pipes, specials, et cetera found to be damaged in any way shall be clearly marked, set aside and removed from the specificatkon. Setting out Setting out shall be carried out using the data and reference points as shown on the Drawings.


During and after concreting under water, pumping or dewatering operations in the immediate vicinity shall be suspended until the S. Stability of piling excavations using support fluid Where the use of support fluid or a column of water is approved for maintaining the stability of boring, the level of fluid or column of water in the excavation shall be maintained such that the fluid pressure always exceeds the pressure exerted by the soil and external ground water and an adequate temporary casing shall spscification used in conjunction with the method to ensure the stability of the strata near ground level until concrete has been placed.

When required, the deflection under load shall be determined in accordance with BS EN Before the commencement of piling work, the contractor shall notify the S. In addition, the alignment of pins, pegs or markers shall indicate the direction of the rake.

Any system wall partition selected shall be installed strictly according to the manufacturer’s specifications and details to the S. Alternatively as soon as the screed has sufficiently hardened to withstand a man’s weight without marking, an approved plastic sealing agent shall be sprayed in accordance with the specificatikn recommendation.

Other equivalent standards specifying jrk material may be used with the approval of the S. This shall be done carefully to avoid shattering or otherwise damaging the rest of the pile.

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Common areas for dining, recreation and praying purposes shall be provided. Plaster shooting will not be permitted within m of any spfcification or structure. Vibrators shall be operated by workmen skilled in their use.

Safety, Health And Welfare Supply Of Materials By Government Testing Of Aggregates Table D3: