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Farewell to Reality: How Modern Physics Has Betrayed the Search for Scientific Truth. Jim Baggott. Pegasus, $ (p) ISBN. Two writers argue that modern science needs to get a grip on reality, rejecting ‘ timeless’ theories of the universe and the ‘fairytale’ physics of. It’s always good when a book of popular science has a clear line to argue, and Jim Baggott’s line is very clear indeed: modern physics has.

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Finally, he explains why certain ideas such as string theory or multiple universes do not qualify as being truly scientific, because there is fafewell way to determine whether or not they describe reality in any useful way that make testable predictions.

At some tipping point a significant conversation within bzggott scientific community will emerge. But I also read that this was the exact same reaction that Einstein received for his two theories on relativity. Our physics wholesale is messy though locally congruent and gifted with explanatory and expository force. Then came the discovery of more particles and the need to explain them, Super Symmetry, Sting Theory, additional dimensions, Multiverses.

Each chapter begins with a chapter-appropriate quote from Albert Einstein. Therefore, faced with indissoluble difficulties of mathematics and conceptual design, might not the best method be to work following Feyerabend ‘against method’?

Evolutionary research has gotten lost in taxonomy Bagott So Stories about the distant and unknowable past, with for example 50 different untestable theories about how human upright posture evolved dominating debate. And a glass of wine. Mathematical basis for reality, on Anchor: So far, though, it’s completely unclear how reakity going to manage that feat. He could have gone a bit more into detail as to why some things are wrong. June 19, at 3: The Brits haven’t bought the rights.


We have gone from elegant and empirical to seemingly impossibly complex tp untestable.

Perhaps the problem is when the latter is marketed as the former. No, the worst culprits here are not journalists, whose mistake is often just that of taking seriously press releases from people like Mike Duff.

The author provides a lot of good information of what is understood in theoretical physics. Brotherton rated it really liked it. It is setting up a challenge and creating controversy.

Farewell to Reality: How Modern Physics Has Betrayed the Search for Scientific Truth by Jim Baggott

Although baygott comes off as a bit crotchety at times, his no-nonsense style provides a much-needed perspective on the line between science and dogma, and how that line can get very blurry when the math gets overly complicated.

Aug 18, Michael Mangold rated it it was amazing. They called his work a “web of naked fancies”[10] and the German Minister of Education proclaimed that “a professor who preached such heresies was unworthy to teach science. His explanations are so thorough and clear that the expository portion of the book could s This is the first book I would recommend to other laymen interested in theoretical physics.

Baggott’s text is ultimately an attempt to knock down one sector of the creeping pseudo-science that is increasingly masquerading as actual science in academia and especially in the popular presentation of science to the public.

This widely shared opinion was reportedly the reason that he did not get his Nobel Price for his most important work. Anyway, insightful criticism is important, as long as it’s not at the expense of diversity. It may serve as a decent layman’s survey of the current state of theoretical physics, but as a criticism it falls short of its aim.

Dark energy being farewwll weak QFT prediction being so wildly wrong would appear to require a multiverse,CCC, or bouncing I have recently being reading article over at quanta but it does not explain why that would be. Those psychological cases where the monkeys’s intellect had deceiving itself into believe that itself can grasp Unity over everything.


There was only some mopping up to do.

Farewell to Reality

Rather than fame or fortune Baggot wants to save science. I realise this idea is reprehensible to most, many, or any working or non-working scientist around, past since say, Baggoty or present where empiricism is the gold standard. While I was aware of many of the aspects and topics he covered, in many cases the exact mea Baggott’s text is ultimately carewell attempt to knock down one sector of the creeping pseudo-science that is increasingly masquerading as actual science in academia and especially in the popular presentation of science to the public.

I have some sympathy for the points you make, but have never understood why when it comes to hiring the editors of PRL typically non-practising physicists who are not subject specialists and its referees who are just a couple of members of the community should play some special privileged role. We must work as we must and realise some paths lead into forests as some lead home.

Farewell to Reality? | Jim Baggott

Baggott pulls no punches in his accusation that modern physics has left the realm of reality and is, instead, its own brand of fiction. And what of conjecture without current evidence?

The Testability Principle demands that scientific theories be actually or potentially capable of providing tests against empirical facts. How could science have ever asserted this is all an illusion?