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Well the Jeju sauna is not going to get a good rating from us because of a recent incident there. In fact they do not deserved to be rated at all. On a recent visit. reviews of Jeju Sauna & Spa Home of Wellbeing “This used to be a place of relaxation and tranquility. A quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle of. I’m in the women’s-only area at Jeju Sauna, a massive Korean spa in Duluth, and there is no safe place to put my eyes. Everywhere I look there.

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They look like cupcakes, heads poking up like cherries on top, or like human tea cozies. She sloshes more water over me, turns me on each side for more scrubbing, then rubs me down with liquid Dial and sends me to rinse off. Been to JeJu Sauna? Hotels travelers are raving about I also take a dip in the hot whirlpool and begin to feel my tired muscles—and my Puritanical inhibitions—relax.

That was until all of the rest Atlanta came in to hang out and stroll in and out of the quite rooms like a revolving door, holding conversations and talking on there cell phones. I chose a day that you would expect everyone to be busy with family and holiday gatherings, that way I figured I would have the place practically to myself.

I lie face-down, and my attendant flings a towel over my face. I question her ability and skills to manage this establishment properly. Diane was laughing when we left but believe me there was nothing to laugh at. The common jeeju is where men and women can be together and clothes are required there. Studio 6 Atlanta Gwinnett Place. I had been hearing great things about Jeju Sauna. Further, and the most disgusting part, security was called and a male security person by the name of Tony entered the locker room.


I do sense a different energy in each room, though maybe the heat is getting to my jdju.

Test Drive: Duluth’s Jeju Sauna is worth stripping down for

Everytime I go, I enjoy a body scrub and massage. OK so after having read several reviews and seeing what a great deal it was to visit Jeju, I put it out there for a X-mas wish and was rewarded when a friend granted my wish and treated me to a day at the spa. As I half-stumble to the showers I see another room, where women are wearing soft pink ponchos that cinch around their necks and cover them entirely, draping around their seats. There was a purposeful invasion of privacy when the spa allowed a male to enter the locker room with naked females present.

On this trip I tried the hip bath, which is good for women’s health, its great for afterbirth care, cramps and vaginal “tightening”. This whole disgusting event was totally uncalled for and highly embarrassing and stressful for all us attending. Reviewed January 4, Even so, I have to say that I will definitely do it again, just try to find a low peak time to go.

Thanks Jeju I will see you again soon, next time I think I will try a foot massage!! Ask Joylovereal about JeJu Sauna.

At this point my friends and I have had enough naked time, so we put on the shapeless, beige T-shirts and shorts issued by the spa and venture into the rest of Jeju.


With that the employee left. Everyone is nude and there are all different types of body types, and trust So if you want to possibly be humiliated jeku reason then go to this spa which is run by highly unreasonable people. Monday, December 31, All I know is I feel really relaxed when I hear my number called. Gwyneth Paltrow would be proud.

EVER part, so don’t be shy. Reviewed February 26, All reviews ” sana room “.

It was my first time but I prepared myself by reading up on the brochure to see benefits each sauna offered so I knew where I wanted to go once I got there. I absolutely LOVE this place!!!

Want to be humiliated? Go the Jeju Sauna – Review of JeJu Sauna, Duluth, GA – TripAdvisor

However I have learned, that you may want to get thoses services first, because the wait could be a hour. I’ve been to Jeju twice. Write a Review Reviews Things to Do 38 Hotels 25 Restaurants Yet jejk still, I moved to other not so popular rooms that were a bit quiter and less populated.

I love the environment, the only thing is, it is becoming more crowded. Review of JeJu Sauna. My relaxed muscles meju Thank You but Ask ambo a about JeJu Sauna. Own or manage this property? Just pick and choose your times carefully We did nothing to warrant this mistreatment by Jeju.

This is not how we do business in America.