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I really have reservations partaking in this thread. This post is going to appear as fanning the flames, but it’s not done with any ill motive behind. Summary of James16’s chart thread. Posted on July 27, by lowcheemeng. Uses his indicators as support and resistance levels in order to see the big. The forexfactory James 16 thread is pretty legendary. But the thing is + pages. Worth reading? There’s like a 2 page pdf summary out there.

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Ok, off the soapbox. Is it worth it? James, I address the following to you: So far I am not very successful on this. For example, he just: Quality rebutall versus trading gurus such as James 16 Facts are, James Teaches 5min trading all the way to Monthly trading.

After drawing all the SR on the three tf, wait for bar formations to form jjames16 the charts. I agree with your view on J Although I have been looking for a reason to ditch my blackberry and pick up a phone with windows mobile 6.

Your email address will not be sold or shared with anyone else. Now that I am working again full time I will focus my trading soley on this material I would love to trade H4 but I am not sure if it is possible.

Refrain from discussing crypto. No empty news articles without analysis News articles and trades ideas should be posted with your analysis or an accompanying question.

You must mean theoretically speaking, otherwise the IRS may be at odds with your revenue pass-thru arrangement. November 22, at 5: You are commenting using your Twitter account. Are these not legit questions to be asking and why is nobody asking them??? I draw my lines much like Ray. It tread you get your foot in the door and gives you the knowledge to ask better questions. It was a real pleasure to read it, very well done!


James16 Forex Trading Strategies

He does sometimes trade the 5 and 15 min jaes16 even if they do not corroborate with the higher time frame ones, but something very thead must be going on for him to do so. Relax and easy way of trading too. The forexfactory James 16 thread is pretty legendary.

Black Swan Well-known member Sep 26, He then switches over to a 60 min chart to see if he can fine tune an entry.

James16 Forex Factory Thread –

I would agree with him on this. Take a piece of paper TAPE it on your hames16 and write down your rules, print out days you lost and go over them again and again, NEVER trade on emotion, if you get excited trading your doing it wrong. This post is going to appear as fanning the flames, but it’s not done with any ill motive behind it. August 18, at 7: Yes, James16 also uses moving averages as well as support and resistance levels in order to see the big picture.

No Promotional Activity Content marketing is not allowed.

Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. I have no idea if he trails or scales out. Pay 5 figures to misconstrue the nature of your business, while at the same time, gain wider exposure on FF?


As for some of the crazy claims out there on returns Notify me of new comments via email. Be aware that the information presented is not a “system”, or a mechanical device, or a signal service.

Quality rebuttal versus trading gurus such as James 16

Ok, now that’s out of the way August 25, at 7: Posting Trades Want to post a trade? If you want to demo trade this stuffs on the daily charts then look at the time when a new day starts for your data feed and see what bar formations is there.

Thanks Jarroo and James. As Andy said above, read the public side first twice if you need to. April 06 or 28 on that pair look janes16 like what a real pin bar should be like. Again, many parts of this post are going to come off sounding rather abrasive, and I apologize in advance for that, but my BS meter is frankly off the charts.

Personally I think a lot of sh1te spouted by him and well every forum I’ve visited regarding trading is a load of b0llox and I’m not even sure it is actual technical analysis. I joined a couple of months ago and have really enjoyed what I have learned there.

Only looked to trade pin bars 3. Free Forex Trading Systems.