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Bestselling novelist and psychiatrist Irvin Yalom explores the mindsets of Jewish philosopher Spinoza and Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg. Spinoza’s portrait is fictional. The stone in a former graveyard, does not mark the exact place of his grave. All this gives Irvin Yalom plenty room. Irvin Yalom’s novel ‘The Spinoza Problem’ is reviewed by J. Scott Lewis.

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Interested readers may want to start here before moving on to Steven M. A Novel on your Kindle in under a minute.

Unless a great leap I’m not asking for a quantum leap! It didn’t bother me as much going into it because I was ready for the approach.

Thank you for your feedback. Personally, I completely agree with Spinoza. These works may be read online, downloaded for personal or educational use, or the URL of a document from this server included in another electronic document.

Using a fictional psychoanalyst named Friedrich Pfister, Yalom explores Rosenberg’s mental makeup.

On the other hand this same community attracts destruction from within and without itself because of what it has achieved.

The strategy used by Yalom to forgo the issue is interesting because he chooses to a double take on the story, involving one of the most prominent promoters of the Nazi ideology, Alfred Rosenberg. Share your thoughts with other customers. Clues about other aspects of his thinking, apart from the religious one, are scant. Overcoming the Terror of Death, by Irvin D.


The Spinoza Problem by Irvin D. Yalom

The solution came to him when he discovered that the entire private library of Spinoza was stolen by the Nazis in under orders of Alfred Rosenberg, in many ways the ideological leader of national socialism. Swinging between one and the other keeps the reader entertained awakens his curiosity in the story. Please try again later. Oct 05, Philippe Malzieu added it. Your greatest instrument is you, yourself, and the work of self-understanding is endless.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. A Novel Book Review Author: Feb 08, Ron Charles rated it liked it Shelves: Ylaom moves into a small room above a shop in The Hague. He was accused and sentenced to death during the Prbolem trials. In fact there is NOT much of a link to go on, between Rosenberg and Spinoza; it feels like a false or inflated premise. Yalom explores the mindsets of two men separated by years. This is a fundamental problem.

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Next, the reader is introduced to Bento Spinoza himself. The connection and dialogue between these two men serve to convey Spinoza’s main ideas to the reader. It is rather the contrast between two eras which are, in turn embodied by the two characters. This success has always been achieved in the face of enormous historical forces aimed at destroying Judaism and its contributions – most recently the insanity of European fascism. What would be the link between this 17C Dutch thinker, also Jewish, and a Nazi ideologue?


The Spinoza problem for Alfred, an admirer of Goethe, was how the German genius problm have held a Jewish philosopher in such high regard. Spinoza, one philosopher admired by Ben-Gurion. Whether spimoza are in Germany in the second quarter of the jalom or in Holland in the 17C, the voices are the same.

It is a trap.

Nearly years in the past, the brilliant Baruch Spinoza undergoes his own identity crisis. It’s been years since I’ve read any Spinoza, but that wasn’t problen problem here – Yalom’s historical faction includes long passages where Spinoza himself explains his porblem process. All human inquiry, not just theology, is affected by what is perceived as human interests. See all reviews. In my view, Yalom is one of the most eclectic, wide-ranging, and dazzling writers of our time.

Rosenberg seems a mousy man neurotic between his admiration for Spinoza and his commitment Nazi.

He is a completely different mare. Learn more about Amazon Prime. To put in parallel Spinoza and the theorist anti-semite was a risky project.