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most Azerbaijanis in Iran referred to themselves as Turks. .. 12 Zehtabi, Iran Turklerinin Eski Tarixi; Heyat, “Regression of Azeri Language.” 13 E.M. 3 M.T. Zehtabi, Iran Turklerinin Eski Tarixi. Ikinci chap (Tebriz: Artun, ). 4 Rahim Rayees-Nia, Azerbaijan dar Seir-e Tarikh-e Iran, 2 vols. (Tabriz: Nima. compared with more than 20 million Azeris in Iran. The two from northwestern Iran to the Caspian Sea in the east M.T. Zehtabi, Iran Turklerinin Eski Tarixi.

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All fascistic and reactionary elements were employed by the Pahlavi regime, and were sent to areas populated by non-Persians. Owing to the nature of their organization, the authors adopt an Iranian nationalistic viewpoint, greatly emphasizing the territorial integrity of Iran. University of Pittsburgh Press: Following the events in northern Azerbaijan, a liberation movement took place in southern Azerbaijan in In the course of less than one year, the Democratic Government was able to lay the foundation of a modern educational system in Azerbaijan.

This event illustrated the extent to which the Shah’s army was weak and defenseless in the face of a popular resistance on the part of Azerbaijani national army and people. Being an experienced revolutionary and journalist, Pishevari was aware of the extent of explosive conditions in Azerbaijan. Regarding the autonomy of Azerbaijan, and its secession from Iran, the ADP sent controversial messages every now and then.

The party made it clear that autonomy for Azerbaijan did not mean secession from Iran.

The Multiple Identities of Azerbaijan

Eksi five years the Shah declared national amnesty in Azerbaijan and the military rule was lifted. Due to his anti-government activities, he had been imprisoned by Reza Shah’s regime for 12 years. At the beginning of the war inIran was ruled under Reza Shah Pahlavi, a military dictator brought to power by a British engineered coup d’etat in After extorting the oil concession, now the Russians badly needed its ratification.

The Azerbaijani Crisis of and T. A radio station was established. Meanwhile, discourses concerning Aryanization and de-Aryanization of various nationalities living in Iran continue as ever Who are those upon them? Turk Dili ve Tqrixi Dergisi.

The United States of America’s non-combat tarkxi arrived in see also Lenczowski, The new Bill guaranteed to each farmer a minimum share of the crop which he produced on a landlord’s land. The existence of an autonomous Azerbaijan had thus become an obstacle for the ratification of Russian oil concession.

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The Multiple Identities of Azerbaijan | Arastirmax – Scientific Publication Index

Glorification of ‘the Aryan race’ symbolized through the hegemony of Persian language soon came to dominate the Islamic regime’s propaganda machine.

The new regime brutally suppressed the legitimate demands of various nationalities for self-determination, placing even a greater emphasis on Persian racism as a determining factor in turkkerinin its power bases. Promotion of Azerbaijan’s culture, history, language and music was greatly emphasized.

Based on these Bills, lands belonging to reactionary feudals who had opposed the national government, or who had left Azerbaijan due to democratic movement, were to be distributed among landless farmers.

Azerbaycan Demokrat Firqesi the Democratic Party of Azerbaijan or ADP played a pivotal role in redirecting the revolutionary demands and sentiments of Azerbaijani people. Presumably, such a political organization had existed during the Azerbaijani democratic movement.

On January 21,Qazi Mohammad was elected to the presidency of the Republic. The National Tarixk Center was opened in Tabriz. The racist Pahlavi regime had sought to enforce a Persian nationalistic ideology in line with fascistic Nazi German philosophy.

As a major step in eliminating feudal oppression, it started a land distribution program all over the Republic. Tariix world renowned North Azerbaijani poet, Semed Vurghun, recited a poem in World Peace Congress held in Paris, by way of a protest against massacre of Azerbaijani people.

British Academic Press, Important measures were taken to secure the rights of the workers and to underline the obligations of the employers.

The oil concession did not only mean a lion’s share of Iran’s oil for Russia, more importantly, it meant the security of Soviet borders in Iranian northern zone, particularly in the rivalry with the British and the newly arrived Americans. Ethnicity and Autonomy in Twentieth-Century Iran If this is the attitude of the highest government official in the province, it’s easy to imagine what would be the attitude on the part of the military personnel, gendarmerie, and other low-ranked government officials.

On 16 Februarythe National Assembly of Azerbaijan passed hurklerinin important Bills regarding the land reform. The breakout of World War II brought about the conditions for various national, ethnic and anti-racist sentiments to explode. Free from the tyranny of central power, the oppressed nations of Azerbaijan and Kurdistan, along with other groups such as workers, farmers, and women all over the country, were provided with an invaluable opportunity to demand their legitimate national, social, economic and political rights.


Identifying the national movement as “crisis”, Fawcett tries to view the movement ‘from an Iranian perspective’ p. The languages of other nationalities were repressed either as an imperfect dialect of Farsi, or as an alien, non-Indo-European language, such as Turkish or Arabic.

Under the official history, all peoples living in Iran were to have the common ‘Aryan ancestry’. After Reza Shah’s fall, Pishevari, along with other political prisoners, had been set free.

On December 3, Pishevari assured the Azerbaijnis that the national army of Azerbaijan was ready to defend the republic. Conclusion The second world war has left a lasting impact on the struggle of Iran’s various nations for self-determination. In the Kurdish city of Sanandaj, a group of workers and peasants came together and formed a party called Social Dimukrat Social Democrat.

Lehezati az Zendegi-ye Sefer Qehremanian. Newer Post Older Post Home. Throughout both Republics, all the buildings belonging to National Governments, along with houses, crops, and newly constructed schools and universities were set on fire.

Soon after, he centralized power and authority in Tehran, terminated the semi-autonomous status of Azerbaijan and Kurdistan, banned the usage of all non-Persian languages in any written form, and set out to enforce his Persian racist ideology throughout the country.

In his reporting of the national census that had taken place in Azerbaijan in the yearhe wrote: Forbidden To dream of my future: Mass executions of participants, sympathizers, and those suspected of supporting the national movements were performed in public, followed by the burning of books, magazines and pamphlets published in ethnic languages.

Realizing the importance of such an event to the southern Azerbaijanis, the Iranian regime pursued a hostile relationship with the Republic of Azerbaijan.