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IPCC Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards August Supersedes IPCB with Amendments. Slash Sheets. Isola laminate and prepreg materials are certified to IPC or IPC IPC, “Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multi-layer. IPC Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards.

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The worst 50 mm x 50 mm [1. The choice of the tests shall be as agreed upon between user and supplier and supplied as part of 1401c ordering information. Ordering Data for Prepreg Materials A completed IPC contains a pro? A record of those materials quali?

Existence of such Standards and Publications shall not in any respect preclude any member or nonmember of IPC from manufacturing or selling products not conforming to such Standards and Publication, nor shall the existence of such Ipd and Publications preclude their voluntary use by those other than IPC members, whether the standard is to be used either domestically or internationally. Additional testing required by the user shall be included in the purchase order. There is not more than one piece of residual surface metal after metal removal per 4101.

Volume Resistivity, minimum A. Therefore, the standards and publications revenue is necessary to complement dues revenue.

To each of them, the members of the IPC extend their gratitude. After humidity conditioning B. Reference information is shown in parentheses. Materials listed on a Quali? When specimens are tested in accordance with Tablethe average maximum loss tangent shall be as indicated in the applicable speci? Until then, the performance level requirements shall be as agreed upon between user and supplier.


Cladding type H can be used for type C and type S can be used for type R. When specimens are tested in accordance with Tablethe thermal conductivity shall meet one of the following classes as speci?

Prepreg rolls shall have a label securely attached to the compatible protective bag enveloping the roll and a label attached to the inside mandrel at both ends. The user is strongly advised to high-light and click on a speci? Requirements for CAF will be considered as a speci?

IPC – Base Materials, Laminates

Cellulose paper, Core Secondary 2: Moisture Absorption, maximum 5. If the risk assessment is determined to be unacceptably high, the risk may be reduced by increasing the veri? Surface Resistivity, minimum A. Contain anything that cannot be defended with data Notice IPC Standards and Publications are designed to serve the public interest through eliminating misunderstandings between manufacturers and purchasers, facilitating interchangeability and improvement of products, and assisting the purchaser in selecting and obtaining with minimum delay the proper product for his particular need.

Other — — ppm 2. Such lots shall be separate from new lots and shall be clearly identi? The designation code from the classi? Requirements for foil indentations do not apply to copper that has been treated on both sides.

For more information on membership in IPC, please visit www. A point value shall be allocated according to the longest dimension as speci? The laminator shall produce an assessment of capabilities and sources of veri? Electrical properties shall be tested on specimens cut from fully cured two-ply samples of a minimum size of mm x mm [5. Table Property different Tg results.


The nominal value and tolerances for the individual tests shall be as speci?

IPC-4101C: Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards

There shall be no evidence of resin-starved or scorched areas. Prepreg conformance is satis? Agreements can be used to de? Requirements are dynamic in nature and are based on what is accepted in the worldwide market.

Specimens 75 mm x 75 mm [2. The name and address of the supplier. When smaller sizes are cut from standard sizes, the permissible variations from the speci? Lot Size 2 to 50 51 to 90 91 to to to to 1, 1, to 3, 3, to 10, 3 4 Sample Size 5 7 11 13 16 19 23 29 Acceptance Number 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Optional tests as agreed upon between user and supplier.

For double-sided bond treated foils, the nominal area weight shall be increased by 4. If the user requires another color, it shall be speci? The TAEC recommends the use of the latest revision. Depending on the progress made in implementing SPC on a particular product, an individual supplier may demonstrate compliance to speci?

Alpha 1 is 4101f Z-axis CTE as measured at a temperature below the quoted Tg of the material in question and Alpha 2 is the Z-axis CTE as measured at a temperature above the quoted Tg of the material in question.