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(Sfantul Ioan Gura de Aur) Talcuiri La Epistola a Doua Catre Corintheni. Uploaded by. asatyk Ioan Ianolide – Intoarcerea la Uploaded by. asatyk. gabriel viorel · Uploaded by. gabriel viorel · Uploaded by. gabriel viorel. Acatistul Domnului Nostru Iisus Hristos. Uploaded by. lauranist · ngm7_cp (1). Uploaded by. lauranist.

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intoarcerea la hristos de ioan ianolide []

Marshal Antonescu contained them and actually extinguished them with a great national price. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Jews in Ardeal were killed by Hungarian Nazi. Those are among the apparent benefits that will introduce the mark first as a great technological advancement and then as a commonly accepted social totem that would make impossible for anybody to refuse, especially when it will be requested for every commercial exchanges.

There is no programmatic thinking that can erase this shame and life-long trauma When the economic and political makeup starts to reveal itself, the real motivators and the premises for the actual war become hristoa shocking, and shaking for soldiers who find themselves in the midst of a political, religious, social, cultural and economic forces that they had no previous knowledge about.

I believe that these kind of laws would better sustain a hristox society. This is very dangerous for our country. Jews in Romania were exempted from participating in war and also Marshal Antonescu protected their business.

A Holocaust against the Jews. I see internal chaos, a decomposition that is leading toward nihilism, because people are obsessed with the nothingness of matter, with the fiction of forms, with sensual exhaustion, with historicism without transcendence, with ceremonialism without God, with consumerism without spirituality, by the falseness ixnolide conceals itself within the self-deification of Man.

Therefore humanity lives on the heights of despair. Burning matches thrown on gas.

Well, and there is also this thing, the freedom of speech, and more important this is not explicitly stated there is the freedom of excluding those who exercise the right of freedom of speech. This technology is being experimented right now on humans, with their accord or not. If these persuasive strategies fail, or even concomitantly with these strategies, the system deals with the individual by intimidation through violation of domicile, and intimacy or even by murder exactly like I any authoritarian regime.


AnnaMaria marked it as to-read Aug 12, When the economical piece adds they become mercenaries, just like soldiers from Roman Empire. Totalitarian control by The State will expand to a global scale. God has changed His Testament it means that probably He finds it backwards too.

Fear for theorist attacks once upon a time former friends of democracy and liberatorsfear for diseases, fear for drugs, fear for extraterrestrial encounters, fear for thieves, fear for economic disaster, fear for weather change, fear for comets, fear for allergen cosmic dust, fear for …well there is so much fear in the air, that even babies stink. Therefore Internet and TV cable are very cheap, almost free if one thinks of unlimited time it allows for use.

As a result freedom and democracy become just abstract concepts, because here on the grounds we have started the witch hunting from kindergartens to nursing homes. Ben Laden started out by being a great heroic figure first, here in America for his libratory vision that fueled some action in the former USSR I believe, with American money and help and ended up being the most wanted…terrorist in the end; same actors, two opposite visions about them, on a relatively short time span.

She refused their offer and returned to Romania, where she died of cancer more than one year latter. What brought Revolution to Romania? These two opponents ,the Bolshevism and us, united us in Internationala. Who are these guys to judge and condemn peoples and countries, to say that we need to move in a great holistic universal coffin just for them to be happy?

The ethical and moral, heroic motivation that drives people to die far away from home dries out and the main motivation that moves people to die is economical. They use the means of muss murder, shock and terror, followed by disinformation, demolition of local economies, cultures, traditions.


The truth is brutal, and yet only the truth is useful. A zombified society that has just one brain. Here the Jew becomes Palestinian, and then the rest of the world in a holly Unity. Maria Croitoru rated it it was amazing Jan 12, Then the Inntoarcerea from everywhere felt the acute threat of a Nuremberg in reverse, where many of them would have been judged for crimes against humanityfor material and moral co-authoring of Bolshevik terror of over 70 years, perpetrated on a surface equivalent to one fifth of the Earth.

The Saint of the Prisons by Ioan Ianolide

When the Government starts to inflict numbers in iian try with animal first—just like in Nazi camps, then that Government becomes Mamona and these concessions we as free citizens have the duty to refuse. There was a genocide against Romanians in Romania during Communist period, perpetrated mostly by Jewish leaders in the first two decades after war. Romania had to accept a tricky contract with Bechktel. Fraierica e cine-i primeste si se prostitueaza cu ei.

Their own brothers turn against them and pressure them to conform to the vision…otherwise they are being again marginalized, excluded or even murdered. This technology tends to grip more and more functions in our society.

They —on short terms and on long idealistic terms bring some strategic and economical gains but in reality they bring humanity on the brink of a nuclear war. In Romania hristoa were saved from Nazis. War and revolution mania of redesigning the world by using unconventional weapons and mass killing, followed by the depression and economic bankruptcy. Their initial vision about the enemy and the hands-on reality they go intoarerea fight against are two totally different situations. Mai ales pentru un crestin, care trebuie sa fie mereu atent la ispite.

And when the door opens…WoW!!!