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(Sfantul Ioan Gura de Aur) Talcuiri La Epistola a Doua Catre Corintheni. Uploaded by. asatyk Ioan Ianolide – Intoarcerea la Uploaded by. asatyk. gabriel viorel · Uploaded by. gabriel viorel · Uploaded by. gabriel viorel. Acatistul Domnului Nostru Iisus Hristos. Uploaded by. lauranist · ngm7_cp (1). Uploaded by. lauranist.

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intoarcerea la hristos de ioan ianolide []

Otherwise my hope would be, at least to meet with one another in the same cartoon story. Not the conquest that kills other nations heistos forgets that those who take out the sword are killed by the sword, but the one that takes with assault the Heavens in holiness and righteousness.

They go wherever a potential for conflict is and…again, they help out, by hirstos their tongue over the political and cultural environment in the target location, and ultimately by selling arms to both parties engaged in conflict.

There is no programmatic thinking that ilan erase this shame and life-long trauma. It denies a socially and politically inflicted negation of life and freedom, therefore is an affirmation. I believe that this new culture of death tends to become more and more universal.

I have encountered many Jews in my life and I found them just common sense people, with an acute awareness of justice and very sensitive to oppression just ianolidde other people who experienced oppression and rejection in their history. In Romania there was a say: All these benefits are actually illusory because they involve agreeing to communicate with a world of fallen spirits, directly accepting their influence and dominion by using the pretext of technology.

Eventually humanity will move into a huge virtual mind, filled with lies, illusions and enchanting images where anybody has the potential of creating alternative realities for themselves and others, to the point of loosing contact to the real world. We know that American Indians have a genetic predisposition for alcoholism and casinos are great facilitators. Anyhow, in the end the victory belongs to Christ.

Some people in professional roles even imitate the robotic intonation of the machines we start to serve. People write history with their blood so heroes and martyrs need to be acknowledged no matter what nationality they are.

In the morning, some Romanian fellows found him and released him. Our phone companies make more and more usage of digital systems involving computer synthesized voices that will be able to provide more and more complex answers.


It also brings the best news ever to the Jews, that they will be the last and the first again.

The Saint of the Prisons by Ioan Ianolide

Their actions are short-lived and backfire because many, many, many people, again have the bad habit of being free—free thinkers, free citizens, free children of God. And because we live in times of such great unlawfulness, I believe that we encounter more and more the manifestations of the God of Law from the Old Testament than Christ, the Loving and merciful God because we forget mercy for others. They construe and deliver this uniform vision to a public that grasps it immediately in the time left between two comedy shows or two computerized games.

He is the God of love Who sacrificed himself to the shameful death on the Cross, and is also the God of justice and punishment.

All these real causes that are being obscured from the eyes of the public opinion contribute to the crisis. Some of these political leaders and their murders bring a shadow over the whole Jewish community. Chibrite aprinse aruncate peste benzina. In the North-East, even more turmoil. The Saint of the Prisons by Ioan Ianolide. They had, like I said a vision of what the society should look like and they imposed it by the means of Bolshevik propaganda, institutionalized terror and manipulation of information, isolation, imprisonment and killing of unknown numbers of Romanians in prisons and outside.

Ion laurentiu Ghiulea rated it it was amazing Sep 08, In Romania during the Revolution in they shouted at TV that people are being shoot on streets by Arab terrorists and yet no Arab terrorist was ever identified.

That is Church has the mission only to pray, and not witness the truth about the inequities in the world, especially those created by Christians in the name of God. These are the gifts that the genius designers bring to the regions they redesign. Just like their predecessors, New Titans rise and redesign the world and prepare it for a new death ground.

Mihaela Roxana Huhu rated it it was amazing Dec 05, I also believe that no matter what forces are being engaged in these deadly combat, nobody can actually keep the peace, especially with unconventional or with mass destruction means. She went back to Hungary to bring back her books and there she met with some of her professors who offered to treat her disease if she agrees to change the conclusion of her thesis.


Few days ago a person requested a report from an institution to solve a computerization problembasically the machine told the operator that the person did not pay the bill when that person actually paid it. Mary marked it as to-read Dec 07, Because those who envision themselves in the position of great power and knowledge of how this system works are actually among those fish banks that the Bible describes, where the predatory dwell.

For the simple reason that they are two opposites, they render us the two poles of the Earth and allow us to be the axis. People will be of one mind with the Beast—one Thought, one Will. They need to give up unconventional arms they use against innocent people in Gaza.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Carmenmirosanu marked it as to-read Nov 22, Sorry, the Romanian history maker agent. They diligently work them out in the fabric of sleeping societies that allow them to manifest and implement their paradisiacal paradigms of social justice, concord and happiness for the self-elected ones.

Your email address will not be published. The electronic centralization of personal data makes people in the society feel more controlled than any time in history, and therefore compelled to comply to this politically correct vision, otherwise …well otherwise the Big Brother, The Group Thinkthe Center will locate any alien vision or opinion and will quickly act to eliminate the trouble maker. And not only politics intoarcwrea their concerns but also the local Culture and Religion.

As the Christian- Orthodox Saints prophesized, there will be a great Harlot on a beast —and this harlot will be a church, like they said. The unfortunate situation nowadays is that many guys like this come from US, but there are many who come from Europe and they dream now an unified Europe, an unified world…Who let these guys out????

From my personal history as a library mouse, I learned that people who exercise a great power in this world know that Capitalism and Communism only seem to be 2 opposite forces in conflict with each other.

We know now from publicly available sourcesothers then the political propaganda that the Revolutions were actually an International political truce ka political agents from both sides, and the beginning of a new totalitarian order worse than ever in history.