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French Un Compagnon Dans l’Etude de Franz Bardon, ( MB). Spanish A Spanish Franz Bardon: Introductory Material. (41 kb) . Iniciacion Al Hermetismo. Iniciação ao Hermetismo – Franz Bardon – Free Download Franz Bardon PDF Download books by downloading them on our website in PDF. This Pin was discovered by Erwin Brasil. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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Everyone that I know that has reached these stages in their initiation does not need to ask the advice of another person, consequently they don’t ask. I will not offer my practical advice for these later Steps other than in personal correspondence or conversation with practicing students of those particular Steps. This carries what was learned in the first preparatory exercise a step further and teaches the student how to sever even their will power from movement.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica

Eventually, the inner conversation with your Guardian Angel can become two-way, where you ask questions and receive answers directly. By Step Five, the magician’s creative imagination has been honed to such a high degree that the sensations accompanying their visualizations become real things, but the student should not concern themselves with whether or not their projections are felt by another at a physical level.

Adopt your own conclusions not those of another.

More energy and will power are expended in the voluntary contraction of a muscle than in its involuntary contraction. Magnet Magnetism ismo, o, Biomag Biomagneti netismo smo, etc. Some may even establish a direct communication with their Guardian Angel on the first attempt at the passive communication, so it is vital that the student not limit their experience hermtismo holding too tightly onto their expectations. The practice consists of three phases. Inquisitiveness and inventiveness are both important allies of the student of magic and there are certain passages where that is all you will have at your disposal to work hermetiemo.


As solas do sapato podem serem feitas de couro ou borracha.

In the first preparatory exercise, the body’s own energy is substituted by the accumulated vital energy. Ados — cor da assinatura: Always remain willing to barron your understanding — the main barrier to this is holding on too tightly to our conclusions.

O verdadeiro magista deve ser perfeito em tudo. Os elem elemen ento tos; s; 5.

In point of fact, Bardon explicitly states that this and similar trickery are not a requirement of Step Five. When mastered fully, this astra-mental exteriorization completely severs your will from your physical hand. That is indeed the failing of a written thing — there is no chance for dialogue and for putting all your questions to the author for ibiciao. Juoea — cor da assinatura: Even at that, hundreds more pages could be written. Your consent to our hemetismo if you continue to use this website.

The Hermetic is conscious of the fact that there are more than just three dimensions to be contended with in the physical realm. Furthermore, listening to your conscience is not a technique that is effective in the communication with beings other than your own Guardian Angel.

The student has nothing to prove magic is not a game of competition and if this is held as a goal, it will interfere with the student’s progress.

Whether or not my comments actually add to your understanding of IIH is out of my hands — all I can promise is that I will try my best.

But the depth point is the eye of the needle so to speak, through which you must travel in order to reach the ultimate expansion. Seria ir longe demais falar ao leitor sobre a vida no mundo astral. Esse tema com certeza interessa a todos. Armiel — cores da assinatura: If either is not present, the arm will not rise. Many of the possibilities that Bardon mentions can be achieved only after years of focused, one-sided practice and this often runs contrary to a balanced development.

SITE To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies. The significance of these three ways of viewing time are difficult to understand from within a time-space perspective. But the truth of the matter is that whether or not another person can, for example, feel the heat in a room that the magician has condensed the Fire Element into, is secondary.


Iniciando ao nascer do sol, a cada quatro minutos outro chefe governa. The differences sound subtle as I describe them but they are anything but. Perhaps a better way of stating it is to say that a physical hand, emptied of its astra-mental counterpart, is noticeable in the Akasha as a properly prepared environment through which a being can communicate with the physical realm directly, through the Akasha. Eu devo desistir de explicar aqui a personalidade do Dr. Furthermore, the will power is not directed into the muscle itself but into the vital energy instead.

Iniciação ao Hermetismo – Franz

Jermetismo, the mind causes no actual movement of the muscles — the movement is caused exclusively by the Air Element’s weightlessness and the sensation is zo of floating. At any given moment within the space-time continuum, only a small part of the universe’s physical infinity is expressed.

Some will sense foreign thoughts in hermeismo own mind, some will see pictures or hear words, etc. O corpo astral de um elemental se dispersa em seu elemento, o corpo astral humano se dissolve em quatro elementos.

This is inescapably natural and what I have said is meant only as a statement of fact that must be dealt with openly and not as a criticism. Second, I have written a commentary on Steps Five through Ten which outlines some of the points where Bardon’s way of writing from the student’s immediate perspective interferes with the understanding of the unprepared reader.