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French Un Compagnon Dans l’Etude de Franz Bardon, ( MB). Spanish A Spanish Franz Bardon: Introductory Material. (41 kb) . Iniciacion Al Hermetismo. Iniciação ao Hermetismo – Franz Bardon – Free Download Franz Bardon PDF Download books by downloading them on our website in PDF. This Pin was discovered by Erwin Brasil. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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First, I have limited my detailed commentary and practical suggestions to the “Theory” section and the exercises of Steps One through Four. Agora aqui poucos elementais do quarto elemento, o elemento Terra: Para uma pessoa iniciqo ser mera curiosidade que a faz questionar se outras esferas realmente existem. The significance of these three ways of viewing time are difficult to understand from within a time-space perspective.

This causes a certain disassociation from direct involvement in one’s life circumstances and provides the initiate with a renewed, broadened perspective. Ligar-se aos seres espirituais e suas esferas significa perder a liberdade de seus atos e pensamentos.

The depth point exercises are only one finite step along the way to encompassing the whole infinity. The student has nothing to prove magic is not a game of competition and if this is held as a goal, it will interfere with the student’s progress.

As Bardon relates, the point of this passive inickao is to lead the student into a more direct form of communication. Isaphil tem muitas servas conhecidas como fadas do mar ou ninfas.

Bardonista: Iniciação ao Hermetismo – Grau V

In the physical realm, duration is the part of time that holds sway. Bardon refers to the right hand, but if you are left-handed, then you should work with your left hand. The techniques are exactly the same as those employed in learning to master the vital energy, so these particular exercises should present no problem to the student. It is not impossible through these means, but it would require so many years of devoted practice that it would constitute a diversion from the main goal of a steady advancement.

Se o objeto nt: Astral Magical Schooling of the Soul: Ao framz tempo Sata-Pessajah hrrmetismo o mago em outro segredo: Similarly, Hermetic philosophy defines the three realms mental, astral and physical as each being of an infinite nature. Adopt your own conclusions not those of another. An example of a voluntary contraction is when you consciously contract your biceps — this requires a focus of your will upon a single muscle.


Emuel cor da assinatura: There are also many other methods of establishing communication with one’s Guardian Angel.

The degree of condensation of a projection is a function of the magician’s own plastic imagination. This was certainly the case for me and as I progressed through the Steps, I was repeatedly surprised to find that I had previously misunderstood things in the mere reading of the text that now made perfect sense because I had done the work leading up to that point in the path.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica

Thus, the student who is in the middle of Step Two, or the student who is reading IIH for the first time and hasn’t even begun the work, will understand what Bardon wrote regarding Step Five, less completely than someone who niiciao completed the Step Four work. So, in the physical realm where the dimensions of length, width and height hold sway, the duration of a thing’s physical form directly effects a thing’s existence with the same magnitude as the standard three dimensions.

Gojel — cores da assinatura: This is especially true considering that all I can offer you here are my own conclusions and yours might be far different than mine. Immicat inicial cor da assinatura: Bafdon from length, width and height, there is another dimension that impacts physical matter directly, namely “duration”.

Franz Bardon – 2 – A Prática da Evocação Mágica – PDF Free Download

As you trod the path of initiation, the responsibility for your progress falls more and more into your own hands. Seu valor valor eleva eleva-s -se e com com seu cuid cuidado adoso so, exato exato e atencioso uso. Introduction — On a few occasions, I have had been asked to write some sort of student’s guide to Franz Bardon’s “Initiation Into Hermetics”. This carries what was learned in the first preparatory exercise a step further and teaches the student how to sever even their will power from movement.


As solas do sapato podem serem feitas de couro ou borracha. In other words, infinity has no edges, per se — it has only “center”. In the hands of the magician these Elements become very real, concrete things that can be condensed to such a degree that they become physically active.

The main function of this specific exercise is to teach the student the difference between the normal movement of a muscle in this case the hand and a movement accomplished by an external force.

It is difficult for the reader to make the subtle connections between what is learned in one Step and what is then applied in a new way in the next. Any contraction of the muscles is incidental and involuntary. In this system, the initiate is instructed to travel mentally to a temple of Tiphareth and once there, look down into a pool or a crystal sphere, and view their own life circumstances as if from above. Seu grande alcance de poder jaz sob a terra aonde existem os derivados de cristais como sais, por exemplo.

At this point, IIH becomes much easier for the student.

To explain its rationale and its importance will take some backtracking, so please bear with me. Some may even establish a direct communication with their Guardian Angel on the first attempt at the passive communication, so it is vital that the student not limit their experience by holding too tightly onto their expectations.

The only will power required in this exercise is that involved in accumulating the Air Element. There are many levels or degrees of infinity. Esse tema com certeza interessa a todos. If we define “high magic” as being that which comes after the merging with a godform, then what is presented in Step Five would be considered inkciao between “low magic” and mid-range.