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From a brilliant new talent comes a riveting novel of chance, fate, and numbers, and one man’s strange journey past the boundaries of the Cain. Improbable by Adam Fawer – book cover, description, publication history. Adam Fawer (born in New York City) is an American Novelist. Improbable, his first novel, has been translated into more than five languages and won t.

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She sells top secret information to other governments but on her last deal, she imprlbable gives a bad disk to the Korean mafia improbabe is unable to give back the cash from her offshore account. So Nava plans on kidnapping the student intern and getting out of the country as soon as she hands her over to the Korean RDEI. Add in the fact that Caine is now on a new seizure medication that has a slight chance of causing schizophrenia as a side effect.

He’s in real trouble.


If you happen to click on one of links and make a purchase, we earn a commission and we always appreciate your support. So she needs another big secret, quickly. Despite all the action of which there is plenty and all of it tight without a single loose endthere is a serious scientific hypothesis underneath the layers of the fawerr subplots. If you had asked me, the fact that they both had good novels within them, I would have said that’s improbable.

Well now, Joshua is home again and seemingly all right, if you discount that he tends improbxble rhyme the last word of sentences, an odd tick apparently expressed by schizophrenics.

His hand was not the sure bet that it should have been. But wait, his opponent seems awfully sure of himself too.


Improbable by Adam Fawer

Retrieved from ” https: The Da Vinci Code. Turns out her new assignment is worth quite dawer bit more. Factoring Humanity by Robert J. But his biology is perhaps even worse. But Nava has her own problems. Moreover, Fawer ends up with some rather strange blend of the determinism of Laplace and the popular notion of “free will”. I’ve already complained about Fawer’s physics. Though the solution of how Nava gets around this problem might be obvious, everything else about this novel is a surprise.

Eventually im;robable will find your way back to reality.

Rather, it is the number for which the differences between it and the outcomes is minimized. It is an engrossing thriller with some clever ideas and quite a bit of nice mathematics thrown in as well. Also of interest, is the back story behind this novel.

Fortunately, these little annoyances to not spoil the book. Laplace’s famous claim that the future can be predicted precisely by anyone with sufficient ability to calculate and sufficient information.

This is more on par with The DaVinci Code or any other thrillers that are destined for the big screen. Views Read Edit View history. Whatever these experiments are, the Koreans want the Alpha subject.


Caine wakes in the hospital with his twin brother, Joshua, patiently waiting for him. But, once we’re supposed to believe that human decision is somehow non-deterministic, I would think the whole thing would fall apart and the ability to do anything like that would be lost.

Improbable is a science fiction thriller novel by Adam Fawerabout a gambler who gains the power to predict the future. But, this plan, too, goes afoul when the Alpha subject suddenly dies — but not before revealing future events to first Dr.

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Adam Fawer : Improbable : Book Review

I also thought the idea — that someone connected to all of humanity’s unconscious thought for all time could use the information to predict the future to some high degree of certainty — was interesting and made for a fun book. He just needs to hang in there long enough to win the pot.

In fact, the expected value may not be a possible outcome at all. It is not clear how he sometimes knows things that no person knows like the order of cards in a shuffled deck if his source of information is this common human unconsciousness.

It’s all fiction, leaning to SF but a good story where probability is core to the lead characters success. A major aspect of the book which fawef received a good deal of praise is the unique cover art, which features a lenticular three-dimensional image which shifts as the book is moved in relation to the viewer.

For fwer, his discussion of “minimizing error” gives the impression that the expected value is the one which occurs most often.

The Discrete Charm of Charlie Monk. However, shadowy forces want to use his power for their own ends, and he faces a desperate battle for survival. This is not “hard” science fiction like Gregory Benford writes. And of course, as the title implies, there is a lot of talk about probability theory. Both of improbahle claims regarding evolution that it is necessarily non-deterministic and that it cannot explain instinctive behavior are ridiculous.