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If Music Be The Food Of Love. Jo-Michael Scheibe Choral Series. Part Number. Price Music By. David Dickau. Audio Sample. Related Items. If. If Music Be The Food Of Love is clearly written in a romantic style. Text by. Henry Heveningham. Freely J = Music by. David C. Dickau. |. A | 9. | slil= slip . Nein es ist nicht auszukommen. Schlosser auf! Allan Conway and Nathaniel Baker, piano. If Music Be the Food of Love. David Dickau.

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Also available for SATB. Easy] Reed Criddle voicing: Ward Choral Series voicing: There are, in fact, countless similar interpretations and an infinite number of examples yet to be discovered. A beautiful piece for the sensitive, expressive choir.

If Music Be The Food of Love

Medium] General Daniel Butterfield, arr. Easy, tasteful, sing it in the original Hebrew or in English. The composer opens the piece with a beautiful unison melody set to the biblical text. The lyrics of this song come from a poem by Henry Purcell.

A quiet opening builds into a gorgeous, resounding climax before coming to a more reflective, thankful close. Leap Free of the Cage [level: Large choirs will especially enjoy this dramatic piece.


The composer illuminates this with the music taking flight as it leaps freely.

The words may be altered to suit the occasion, be it Christmas or a celebration of a special sort. Inscription for a Wayside Spring [level: The ethnic flavor is palpable. B should be B natural. Medium] Susan LaBarr voicing: Medium] Jacob Narverud voicing: Also available for SSAA.

Not to be missed by “with it” choirs in the years and dickwu. And, Purcell’s lyrics have a deeper meaning upon further reflection. If It Must Be [level: Shakespeare’s actual quote “If music be the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting,The lovr may sicken, and so die” Act 1, Scene 1 seems darker to me than Purcell’s re-interpretation, but the meaning is fairly clear. This will be a bright spot on a program.

Medium] Matthew Erpelding voicing: There is not one big cosmic meaning for all; there is only the meaning we each give to our life, an individual meaning, an individual plot, like an individual novel, a book for each person. Medium] Joan Szymko voicing: Easy] Kenney Potter voicing: Medium] Ellen Gilson Voth voicing: Medium] Neil Ginsberg voicing: The programming possibilities where this could have a profound impact are numerous.

Posted by Civic Chorale of Greater Miami at 2: How Can I Keep from Singing [level: F natural should be a G.


The piece is framed by a dramatic opening that is echoed and enhanced at the powerful ending, with delicate, expressive moments closely tied to the meaning of the text forming the middle. All scores, recordings and materials on SBMP. Both elegant and bold, this is a superb addition to this genre of repertoire. This piece is a true work of art.

David Dickau – Listen on Deezer | Music Streaming

Medium] Kyle Pederson voicing: The piano both supports and enhances the melodic interest, ever moving along providing tuneful contrast to the vocal lines. I Lift My Eyes [level: Composed as a memorial,the piece can provide an elegant addition to a concert with its soaring choral melodies and tasteful piano accompaniment. Great audience appeal and an excellent concert closer. If music can help us understand each other, it is here in this special piece. Medium] Andrea Ramsey voicing: