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The T00, T42, and racks can be extremely heavy when several drawers are present. The following table shows the necessary weight distribution distances for the T00, T42, and racks when loaded. The following table shows the necessary floor loading for. Learn about the supported feature codes that are available for T00, T42 and racks. Hardware specifications provide detailed information for your rack, including dimensions, electrical, power, temperature, environment, and.

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Tue, November 13, More than one feature code from this group is not allowed.

Model T42 and B42 rack

Indicator of rack space utilization Minimum required: Feature code is available for the and T42 racks. The lift tool feature EB3Z operating length and width are A slightly different welding on the T42 frame is used to attach the bracing which is only available in the plant.

Optional features include front door, removable side panels, and side to side joining of multiple racks into suites.

FC high end appearance side covers. Ivm rack installations require careful site and facilities planning that is designed to both address the cumulative drawer heat output and provide the airflow volume rates necessary to comply with drawer temperature requirements.


There is room for up to 4 PDU’s without using any of the rack’s 42U capacity.

Installation of drawers in the upper EIA units must be 7014-f42 at the customer’s location. Does not apply Note: Use of this feature will affect the routing of the order.

If optional ruggedized rack feature number is installed, a tool will be required to remove the bolt to secure the side cover to the rack. Does not apply Rack Indicator, Rack 10 When added to an initial rack order, this indicator is used to specify the tenth rack for a multi-rack 70114-t42.

7014-T42 IBM Rack Model T42

FC high end appearance front door. The door is steel, with a perforated flat front surface. Both Front Door For 2. Rack suite attachment kits are intended for joining two racks of equal height. Both Front Trim Kit For 2.

FC high end appearance side covers. For comparison, this is most similar to the earlier generation PDU, but offers C13 receptacles Limitation: It provides a ibj location in the rack for modems attached to Hardware Management Consoles. A specify code is not required. Does not apply Customer Specified Rack Placement Provides the customer the ability to specify the physical location of the system drawers and attached expansion drawers in the rack.


It can be opened like any rear cover, so serviceability of racks fitted with a heat exchanger is as easy as a standard air cooled rack. The PDU can be either vertically mounted in rack side pockets or horizontally mounted. There are numerous anchor points formed into the frame where cables can be tied down for strain relief.

Use the newer ERGC rugged rack feature instead. FC front door, high perforation.

T42 IBM Rack Model T42

Rack with FC heat exchanger rear door and standard front door. No – 4. Decorative trim kit Attributes required: Connection between Junction Boxes Attributes required: Some products can have rack installation limitations.