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Why “I Was Blind But Now I See” is My Best Book Ever (and now on Kindle). I’m not going to brag. The purpose of this post is to inform on three things: A) A lot of . copies Contents Contents Dedication Acknowledgments About The Author I Was Blind But Now I See The 10 Commandments of James-ism What is This. But in “I Was Blind But Now I See” there’s a lot of original material, even if some material is based on some of my blog posts. I describe more.

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The Best Books of I know only one other person on this planet altufher does the same. The editing was a bit rough, but the price was right. The content is great. Plain to the point of having occasional punctuation issues, which I eventually found quaint. Oct 08, Maria rated it really liked it. Just like when we were kids we believed in Santa Claus and how George Washington chopped down the cherry tree, now as adults we’ve been trained to believe in much more dangerous and insidious ideas.

Why “I Was Blind But Now I See” is My Best Book Ever (and now on Kindle) – James Altucher

Here are just a few examples of his recommendations. She comes across many uncomfortable situations, but amidst it all finds that God is with her in every step she takes. I enjoyed the 2nd half of this but it’s worth skipping over some of the rants. She made it as though we were best friends and she was sharing her struggles in her quest of btu her mate. This book will make you reconsider the world and your place in it.


Newton was originally a notoriously profane slave trader.

I would recommend buying it as he says nothing that hasn’t been said before if you read any self-help books. How will Americans have time to sit and read these bills, especially considering that most bills are hundreds of pages long and require legal opinions?

You can find his website here. Add to Collection Copy link. The content is enjoyable and engaging, and at 99 cents for the Kindle version it’s hard to complain. He tries to provide what he jjames was the solution: Then deciding on each and every item before taking it back into your house.

How many people do we know who are married to their intellectual peer? I can’t believe I bought a book that acts like this is a novel suggestion.

I’m a huge fan of Altucher’s blog and while he makes it clear that the book is merely a collection of blog posts, it flows smooth enough and has his classic whit and humor. I dunno it was okay. James shares lot of useful tips and advise. Someone who we also can look up to? I am grateful to be on the receiving end of this advice.


I Was Blind But Now I See : Time to Be Happy

He is an idea machine who that encourages us to become idea machines too. The first half of this book was so frustrating to alltucher, I almost stopped.

A concise, quirky, fantastic read. If you’re troubled by being I must have picked this up in an Amazon sale. He has founded over 20 companies and sold some of them for large exits. Bht a worthwhile read. James has a unique style that is easy to understand and relate with! In the book the author attempts two things. He recommends renting instead of buying a house because the housing market is wildly unpredictable and not worth the risk of going underwater.