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Hyam Maccoby. The Myth-Maker, Paul and the Invention of Christianity Maccoby concludes that Paul cannot have been a Pharisee, that his claims are. circles (the later successors of the Nazarenes) from the second to the fourth centuries. * Hyam Maccoby. The Mythmaker: Paul and the Invention of Christianity. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only.

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How can we discover Paul’s true beliefs from this maze of contradictory statements?

This is what the Gnostics did: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Jun 30, David Buhler rated it liked it Shelves: He himself declared that among Jews he acted like a Jew, among Greeks like a Greek; is it unlikely thf that among apostles he would act like an apostle?

The Mythmaker. Paul and the Invention of Christianity

Browse Articles By Passage: The argumentations starts out as a slow accumulation of discrepancies in the biblical accounts of Jesus and Paul. Like other debunkers, he sometimes lets polemic get in the way of prudence; many of his assertions stand unsubstantiated by quote or other reference.

If one person can grant a title, someone else can equally change that title. Read in concert with Paul scholarship written by people with diametrically opposed beliefs to Macoby’s own, The Mythmaker does provide good counterbalance to otherwise ridiculous arguments as well as give some voice to those who found Paul’s message to be blasphemous. Paul, Student of the Rabbis?

Hyam Maccoby

You will not often see him quoted as an authority, and his books like the one evaluated here, The Mythmaker – Harper and Row, belong on the same shelf as items like Holy Blood, Holy Grail and James the Brother of Jesus.


Now Paul certainly considered obeying the law irreligious and impious; but he doesn’t use the word “sin” to characterize such behavior, only “trespass. They can, however, be deciphered. Suppose this “something” were what Paul meant by “sin?

I found its arguments clear and convincing, but I suspect that those devoted to the teachings of the Christian church might be more apt to find fault in its claims. For instance, Paul claims and was claimed to be a Pharisee. Jan 16, Eric Fritz rated it liked it. The author, a Jew and Talmudic scholar, gives an impressive show of imaginative scholarship in his account of Paul as a man of tremendous religious imagination himself having invented ‘Christianity.

Nov 30, Wolf rated it really liked it. These people all know that the Torah was ordained by God Almighty, Ruler of heaven and earth.

Hyam Maccoby Mostly Right About Apostle Paul

This much of Mythmaksr Mythmaker I had to agree with after examining the evidence, even though I was extremely reluctant to part with the idea he had been a Pharisee.

He says with certainty that Paul: Dunn describes Maccoby’s revival of Graetz’ accusations that Paul was a Gentile as “a regrettable reversion to older polemics”.

Later Maccoby reworks the story of the disciples picking grain in the field [41] to suppose that Jesus was actually in flight from Herod and the Romans and justified the picking of corn mythnaker an emergency basis – this, done to make Jesus in perfect agreement with Pharisee law. It means being “in the likeness” of Christ’s death: Attis, Adonis, Osiris, Baal, et al. Let us turn the passage front to back and see what we have: Two things stand out most starkly, to me: Textual criticism and scholars of these texts take these texts seriou This was a challenging and stretching book.

Klausner he dismisses by simply calling his arguments names “unconvincing” – [61].

Early Christianity is a topic most classical historians shy away from, mytnmaker pool having been muddied by centuries of devotional presupposition. And then it came to me: But their attempts at discipline came to an end, along with their political hopes and, in most cases, their lives, when in 70 AD the Romans responded to an insurrection in Judea with mass maccoby, wholesale deportations, and the physical destruction of Jewish society.


In short, if Paul were a Gnostic his passage would have made perfect sense, and his epistle to the Galatians would have made perfect sense as well, for what were the Galatians doing but obeying the law?

Maccoby has merely replaced the bigotry of those who willfully misinterpreted the writings of Mjthmaker for their own purposes with a bigotry of his own – directed solely against Paul.

As we have seen, Paul was of another opinion.

Paul stresses the importance of believing in Christ, and particularly the crucified Christ, going so far as to make this act synonymous with salvation, although as we have seen in his epistle to the Galatians it was not. What drew me mafcoby The Mythmaker: This is why Republican Christianity is in our day mythnaker greatest force for evil on mythmakrr planet.

As a person who grew up Catholic, I have always asked the question, “If Jesus came back today and saw what the religion created in his name evolved into, would he say, yeah, that is what I meant”. That man ate of the fruit of this tree clearly implies that man’s “knowledge of good and evil” is beyond God’s direct control, for men “become as gods in knowing good and evil.