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Cognitive Enhancement, Virtue Ethics and the Good Fröding – Hursthouse’s Virtue Ethics and Abortion: Abortion Ethics Without Metaphysics?. It is motivated by Hursthouse’s puzzling claim in her widely anthologized paper “ Virtue Ethics and Abortion” that fetal moral status and (by. Oxford University Press USA publishes scholarly works in all academic disciplines, bibles, music, children’s books, business books, dictionaries, reference.

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History of Western Philosophy. Our practice as specifically human agents would naturally have to change through collective action if our institutions and their agents and of course, given the primacy of ethics in Aristotle: Retrieved 5 March She was head of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Auckland from to Abortion in Applied Ethics categorize this paper. Uses editors parameter link.

Hursthouse turns her philosophical attention, and ours, to the kinds of reasons actually sought for and given by human beings in the explanation of human behaviour: Christian Munthe – manuscript.


Rosalind Hursthouse – – Oxford University Press. Abortion Ethics Without Metaphysics? Philosophy and Public Affairs 20 3: Hursthouse’s Virtue Ethics and Abortion: Chris Meyers – – Prometheus Books.

A Rational Approach to the Abortion Debate. Hursthouse is currently a professor of philosophy at the University of Auckland. Hursthouse’s most hursthouze contribution to modern virtue ethics is her book On Virtue Ethicswhich explores its structure as a distinctive action-guiding theory, the relationship between virtue, the emotions and moral motivation, and the place of the virtues within an overall account of human flourishing.

Virtue theory and abortion.

Science Logic and Mathematics. Abortion, Christianity, and Consistency. Views Read Edit View history. No keywords specified fix it. Modelling the Moral Dimension of Decisions.

Rosalind Hursthouse

AristotleElizabeth AnscombePhilippa Foot. The Role of Welfare in Eudaimonism.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hursthouse’s article “Virtue Theory and Abortion” argues that whereas most discussions of abortion focus on the issue of who has rights to make decisions regarding the foetus, a decision made within one’s rights could still be callous or cowardly, meaning that it would be ethically problematic and potentially devastating for the person making it, whatever the status of virttue foetus and the reproductive rights of women.


Virtue theory and abortion.

Abortion, Society, and the Law. Retrieved from ” https: With recognition has come criticism, of varying quality. Mary Rosalind Hursthouse born 10 November is a British-born New Zealand moral philosopher noted for her work on virtue ethics. Retrieved 19 February In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

Richard Schoenig – – Philosophy in the Contemporary World 5 1: The New Zealand Herald. Rosalind Hursthouse, 17 at the time, knew immediately that she wanted to study philosophy, too, and enrolled the next year. Girtue is implied by importing the conceptual structure of Throry ethics from the analysis of the virtue of agents to the virtue of our social structuresgiven the practical nature of such a philosophical investigation.