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Course fees include arrival tea/coffee, lunches and snacks at breaks, training materials (workbooks, solutions booklets, and electronic copies of the case files), . The course provides in depth practical understanding of major proven heat. HTRI software Training in Pune. Find HTRI software Institutes, Centers in Pune and get HTRI software Training course fees, contact address in.

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Most of the instruction was directly from the Xist user interface. Process changes, stringent emission regulations might evolve in excessive fouling, high pressure drops and tube vibration which lead to CAPEX intensive replacements. This short course highlights recent developments in the HTRI research program and demonstrates their impact through case studies, including a feed effluent heat exchanger with shellside phase separation light hydrocarbon reboiler with drywall boiling kettle reboiler with vapor holdup flow maldistribution in an air cooler Come and learn the latest HTRI guidelines and update your understanding of our research program.

HTRI Training – Latin America | HTRI

Key Topics Progress in these research areas will be discussed: There were several hands-on examples we worked through. Material published by Aztech shown here is copyrighted. I request you to share your views.

We went over the geometry input for shell-and-tube heat exchangers and how to configure the program for rating, simulation, and design applications. Imagine yourself as a molecule on the shell side or tube side and try to visualize the many paths you might take through the exchanger.

Presented as a series of case studies, each topic is introduced by the instructor before participants delve into X ist to work on solutions which are ultimately discussed amongst the group.


HTRI Training – Europe | HTRI

From —Starks was employed at HTRI, developing calculation engines for our software as well as a quality control database to track program changes. His principal role is to market HTRI products and services in Mexico and to assist with sales initiatives in other countries in the Americas.

Key Topics Shellside boiling methods Recirculation Liquid level and bundle dryout Differences between bundle composition and feed composition Kettle sizing Entrainment Vibration Fouling Suggested Participants Thermal design engineers and heat exchanger experts. Since joining HTRI, he has focused primarily on boiling and two-phase flow phenomena but also has done some experimental and analytical work on trwining heat exchangers, organic fouling, and single-phase mixed convection.

He also provides training and technical support to members in the region.

HTRI Training – Europe

This AZTech training course is suitable to a wide range of Technical Professionals but will greatly benefit: There was a problem sending your message. This includes presenting a large amount of photographs and graphics.

Thank you very much for your detail reply. LiDong Huang will teach this course in English; Hitoshi Miyamoto will provide Japanese language support throughout the course. Thermal design methods for kettle reboilers have evolved over the years and old rules-of-thumb no longer apply. I am sure some of you have had a chance to join the session in the past.

Posted 27 June – Learn the fundamentals of condensation mechanisms and how they apply to condenser designs! He serves as principal subject matter expert on technical content for course and instructor materials, assists in developing and customizing training, and routinely teaches courses.

Look at exchangers in the field. His knowledge of HTRI technology and decades of engineering expertise enable him to provide quality technical rraining and training to our customers in Japan. New research results, software trainihg, and feedback from industry all contribute to improved design practices. Greg Starks was the instructor. The other 18 students also stayed for the Xvib vibration workshop the following day.


Why Choose this Training Course? Apply guidelines to develop X changer Suite cases for accurate assessment of performance. In addition, he worked as a Field Service Engineer and Supervisor. An initial saving with a special type might generate high cost in future due to wrong selection.

HTRI Training – Japan

Posted 25 June – Search Advanced Search section: Tuesday, December 19, I ttaining new to HTRI and i want to learn the same. This course provides a foundation for understanding the basis for thermal design of typical industrial heat exchangers. If you have any suggestion regarding study material for heat exchanger design then please do.

Tuesday, October 24, Training Courses Check-in begins at 8: This short course highlights recent developments in the Trainong research program and demonstrates their impact through case studies, including. Focused on issues that EPCs and processors face, this short course will discuss the importance of heat exchanger economics and use Exchanger Optimizer, a heat exchanger costing tool, to help you evaluate your exchanger designs from a total cost of ownership perspective.

This workshop moves beyond the fundamentals of thermal design to focus on specific design challenges associated with a range of service types including kettle reboilers, vacuum condensers and feed-effluent exchangers.


File Library Check out the latest downloads available in the File Library. The course was still useful enough for introductory classroom training. Dec 30 Heat Exchangers: Vice President, Engineering Serviceshas more than 25 years of engineering project management experience.