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The Electronic 7 is fitted with an automatic clock that is pre-set on manufacture and should not normally require any adjustments by the user. The summer/winter . View and Download Horstmann Electronic 7 user operating instructions manual online. Water Heater Controller. Electronic 7 Controller pdf manual download. Oct 21, It’s the Horstmann economy 7 quartz only to work whilst there is cheap rate electricity overnight on economy seven. horstmann electronic 7.

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Yes, that is what I would recommend.

Think it’s heating during higher tariff time. Need help, setting horstmann economy 7 – it’s just not working Discussion in ‘ Electrical Forum ‘ maxitore by XtoOct 21, Add to my manuals Add.

Horstmann electronic 7 maxistore instruction manual:

Some tariffs offer additional cheaper electricity periods during the day time; the Electronic 7 has extra off peak switching periods available to accommodate this. Hi, well the dial is moving with the time. Was working perfect and now it’s just stopped. Click to read more Heating Controls Online reviews at Reviews.

Guys really need to get hot water going, pls can you advise I’m gona manually change dial time to trigger timed emmersion. Hello, Can I set up the timer to go on different times in different days? And does the dial then move on and switch the heater off?


Horstmann Electronic Economy 7 Timer

Enter your email to be informed when this product arrives: You can time the boost to run electroinc per day Q: Share This Page Tweet. Your timer may be set not to come on for the first period and only come on for the second period, this would however mean it was heating for three hours which should be enough to heat the water in the tank sufficiently for the morning.

XtoOct 22, Is this a direct replacement for the Redring 7 Electronic Controller? Should the horseman electronic controller have immersion thermostats fitted? Service and Repair The Horstmann Electronic 7 is not user serviceable, so please do not try to dismantle the unit.

Can i swap these over without having to rewire?

No, create an account now. The water temperature is scolding hot.

Horstmann Electronic 7 User Operating Instructions Manual

Horstmann electronic 7 User Instructions 3 pages. I would like to have during the night water in the tank heated by cheap night -rate and if I need more hot water a day time I will press the button boost. Help needed on electricity meter.

Hi guys, First thank you for reading and helping out. Is there a way to maintain the temperature?

Hi Either faulty clock or immersion heater. Thanks snow head gor your input.

I have to manually move the dial around to get the red timer light on to warm up water. Unless you need water between 24 and 3, there’s no point having it set for then, On at If this fails to resolve the problem then please contact your installer or a local heating engineer or a qualified electrician. Excellent company to deal with from first contact giving me very prompt advice through to delivery of my order.


Hi I’ve got Horstmann economy 7 Quartz Maxistore supplying to two elements, but I think that’s not working properly now so will this work on same wiring and fitting?? Can I just use one timer to control both immersion heaters. How do iI set it to heat up as before, through out the day?

horstmann electronic 7 maxistore instruction manual

electroniic I’m swapping a dated pulsacoil for an unvented cylinder. Will this unit work in place of the old mechanical Timer? The boost will work outside of these times. Summary of Contents for Horstmann Electronic 7 Page 1 This is normally the upper element in the tank and can be programmed to come on once maxistoe day at a set time. Is your horstmann electronic economy7 timer completely combatable with my problem and is it easy to fit, regards Lewis johnson A: Users found this page by searching for: You simply program the times on the electronic 7 to the cheap rate times.