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: Hopscotch: A Novel (Pantheon Modern Writers Series) ( ): Julio Cortazar, Gregory Rabassa: Books. Translated by Gregory Rabassa, winner of the National Book Award for Translation, Horacio Oliveira is an Argentinian writer who lives in Paris with. . Julio Cortázar has left even bolder suggestions for readers of his experimental novel Hopscotch, published 50 years ago today, June

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Jazz also plays a role, and politics and specifically the state of Argentina and the state of iulio. Hopscotch, which appeared in in Spanish and was translated to English three years later, offers several ways through its story about the mental disintegration of an Argentine intellectual in beatnik Paris and Buenos Aires.

Hopscotch is about thinking.

They are stuck where they are because of their own self-defeating attitudes. Horacio resolves to spend more julil with them, to observe their seemingly happy marriage. The need to flip constantly back and forth made the enterprise into a kind of personal search, with a possibility of getting completely lost. How do they know what your sore spots are? I found break your mama’s back holes all over the place. I adapted to jumping around the chronology pretty quickly. An Explanation of the Impossibility of Being Understood Perhaps, on the other hand, a reader can glean hopsctch sort of meaning or understanding amidst the sheer volume of words Don’t you think we’re inhabited in some sort of way?


Rayuela di Julio Cortazar 48 64 Jul 07, I don’t know if I love Hopscotch or if it just meant a lot to me. In the second part of the first half, one of them Horacio Oliveira returns to Buenos Aires.

Hopscotch (Cortázar novel) – Wikipedia

Lui stesso ha scritto il libro in modo quasi involontario, rendendosi conto soltanto dopo la stesura di diverse parti che queste potevano essere raccolte jjlio formare un romanzo. But also acknowledge Hopscotch as one of the most innovative postmodern literary works, one that offered deconstructionist critics a text deconstructed before they laid hands on it.

I’m jumping ship on this one. Ovejero, who manages the facility.

The Alphabet Library: H is for Hopscotch by Julio Cortazar

For convenience, each chapter ends with an indication of the next that is to be read in this particular sequence. He was thinking in a little circus wheel and the hamster was dying. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. hopscotcy

It’s hard to tell if it is him or the characters, sometimes. To make matters more interesting, he asks readers to skip chapter 55 cortaza I will admit I cheated and read it anywayand to read one of the chapters twice. In fact, they’re just about the only sentences worth quoting. Does art prove consciousness? Yeah, a lot of this book is theory and a lot of thinking. Ostensibly, the book is the story of Horacio Oliveira, an Argentine bohemian clambering through Paris.


He constructs a labyrinth for them and then leaves them to figure it out. That’s new world territory.

Hopscotch by Julio Cortázar

For all the blatant sexism in this novel, none of the male characters ever do anything. If there’s something between me and the book that could be all mine. By Chris Feliciano Arnold.

View all 20 comments. Something in between taking sides history. Readers may read straight through the regular chapters ignoring the expendable ones or follow numbers left at the end of each chapter telling the reader which one to read next eventually taking her through all but one of the chapters.