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I had to get another one from this website That is the best manual for XRr.. Could repair even the smallest details. by Honda, might be done or of the possibly hazardous consequences of each ” Perform the PRE-RIDE INSPECTION in the Owner’s Manual at every. Here’s the Honda XR Owners Manual in English. NOTE: The first half is in Spanish. The second half is in English, so just scroll down.

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Park your motorcycle in a locked garage button until the engine stops completely. Please provide a valid price range. All Auction Buy It Now.


Keep the throttle closed. Fill the crankcase with approximately 1.

You should also wear a face removal of original equipment, may shield or goggles as well as boots, gloves, render the vehicle unsafe or illegal.

This is an original geniune factory Honda sales brochure, not a reproduction or copy.

Honda XR250R Owner’s Manual

Crank the engine several times to distribute the oil, then reinstall Extended storage, such as for winter, requires that you take certain steps to reduce the the spark plug. If “knocking” or “pinging” occurs, try Fuel tank capacity is 9. If runout is loose spokes may result in high speed noticeable, see your Honda dealer for instability and possible loss of control.


Front Wheel Removal If this Remove the calliper assembly from the occurs, servicing of the brake system will fork leg by removing the mount bolts 1. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Step Condition Bottoming Shorten the spring Turn the compression length to increase the adjuster to a stiffer If adjustment is necessary, bend the side electrode 3 carefully.

Install the axle holder with the “UP” mark Reverse the removal procedure. Replace the bulb 9 with a new one.


After stopping the motorcycle, shift the 1. This has NOT been reprinted and is the original manual. Page 75 Check the rear suspension periodically by components appear damaged or worn, careful visual examination. Do not To clear a flooded engine, stop the engine by operate at any one speed for prolonged pressing the engine stop button and push the periods.

Raise the rear wheel off the ground by 5.

Check that the yellow dots 4 on the 2. Fuel Tank be used. Make sure the cut-out on the adjusting nut is seated on the brake arm pin.

XR250 Tornado English Owner’s Manual

Change to raise both tyres off the ground. For ease of assembly, hold the chain ends When the drive chain becomes dirty, it should against the rear sprocket teeth while be removed and cleaned prior to lubrication.


Drive chain-check condition and slack pages Loading And Accessories As weight is located father from non-Honda accessories. Place the motorcycle on blocks 1.

If the side stand owers is squeaky or stiff, clean the pivot area and lubricate the pivot bolt with engine oil. Do not increase Honda dealer for proper disposal. This gives everyone an inexpensive option to keep you vehicle out of the garage and running properly. The pads will wear Handle brake fluid with care because it can faster on dirty and wet roads.

More refinements More refinements When you roll up to the starting line of an enduro, you have two challenges: The seating configuration does not safely permit the carrying of a passenger.

Raise the pedal to shift to a higher gear and depress the pedal to down shift.