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A High Elven Warband must include a minimum of 3 models, and can have a maximum of 12 models including 5 Heros and 1 leader. A starting warband must . The danger of Norse pirates or Dark Elf warships is an ever present danger and the ships need to be able to defend themselves. A High Elf Warband must include a minimum of 3 models. Back to Tommy Punk’s Mordheim Articles. What is the most accepted list for the high elves? They also are expensive compared to most other warbands and start out with 1 less hero.

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All Elves can spot hidden enemies at twice their Initiative. In a game where stuff generally has one or two attacks at average you will cause a wound every other round of combat or so. Almost all elven ships carry with them minstrels who are to entertain the crew. These are untested Shadow Warriors, newly inducted into the warband.

It is given to one who has fought in the Shadow War mordhheim so long that he rules the darkness he fights from. Changes wyrdstone into gems worth an equal amount of money as the wyrdstone would have been worth.

So it was that the coming of the comet known in the Empire as the Hammer of Sigmar was not a suprise to the inhabitants of Ulthuan. Shadow Warriors may never ally with warbands of a Chaotic nature eg.

Wyrdwars High Elf warband. The Shadow Master may be equipped from the Shadow Warrior equipment list.


Mordheim – Officially Unofficial Rules: Shadow Warriors – the High Elves in Mordheim

Wyrdwars High Elf warband Posted: Sure that plays a part in things, especially after the initial round of combat that means that Elves will almost always be striking first in subsequent rounds of combat. The Elven Mages are very proficient at many aspects of Magic, including astrology and the prediction of what is to come.

Shadow Warriors have a long history of fighting the forces of Chaos in addition to their Corrupt kin. Please try to remember that, no matter how ‘official’ the source seems, rumours are basically just a dictionary combined with a random number generator.

And you really not want models to get isolated. morfheim


He is trusted by the Shadow Master and leads in his stead. If the Champion should die then the Initiates in the band will remain, but no new ones may be recruited until either a new Sword Master can be found or an Initiate Sword Master gets promoted. A starting warband must be lead by a Mage, but should he be killed they may not acquire another; one of the Heroes of kordheim band will step forth to become the Leader. But yeah, given how warand spotting is as well as how key hitting first is in the lethal system that mordneim mordheim.

Many peasants see the pointy-eared elves as daemons while the silver armour and gemstones catch the attention of wandering bandits or even Chaos Warbands.

High elves : mordheim

To represent this, it is harder for them to recruit replacements than other warbands. Mordheim, City of the Damned, is a ruined city – a place of nightmare and magic, where only the fittest survive.


Possessed, Skaven, Undead, Beastmen, etc. Becoming the Leader A warrior that steps up to become the Leader upon the death of the existing one gains the ‘Leader’ special ability and inherits the bands Wyrd-breaker, but otherwise stays the same. The following Hired Swords will work for the High Elves: Thu Jul 23, 2: Your warband may include any number of Shadow Warrior Novices.

Shadow Walkers may be equipped from the Shadow Warrior equipment list.

Previous topic Next topic. High Elves originate from the island kingdom of Ulthuan far to the west of the Empire, which is belaugered continuously by raids from their hated Dark Elven brethren, the fearless Norscans, and the incursions of Chaos which rack all civilized lands.

The ship have enough armed warriors to stage small expeditions into unknown land such as Lustria with its fabled riches.

Log in or e,f up in seconds. One thing my group did to allow elves was to set their max toughness to 3. You have Gold Crowns to recruit and equip your warband.

Mordheim was chiefly written and developed by former Games Workshop employee Tuomas Pirinen.