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: Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger ( ) by Alick Bartholomew and a great selection of. Hidden Nature. The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger. Alick Bartholomew; Foreword by David Bellamy. Alick Bartholomew; Foreword by. Hidden nature: the startling insights of Viktor Schauberger. Responsibility: Alick Bartholomew ; foreword by David Bellamy. Imprint: Edinburgh: Floris,

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If this has been his only accomplishment, Vik- tor Schauberger would still be known as the man who completely mastered the art of transporting timber by water. The most fascinating discussion involved water, and the fact that it is a living entity.

A flying disc was schaubergee in Prague on February 19, which rose to an altitude of 15, metres in three minutes and attained a for- ward speed of 2,kph. One of the older foresters then warned him that if the structure were removed the spring would dry up. We shall not discuss in detail here the important energy shifts that are occurring on our planet at this time. The Life of Trees Alick Bartholomew is to be congratu- lated for bringing Schauberger’s vision into focus in this book at the most opportune time.

Due to the remarkable feedback systems of the atmosphere and the biosphere, temperatures on Earth are kept within the narrow band of those required for abundant life, especially of schquberger life forms. But every time a jet plane hiddeb its way through the stratosphere it leaves behind a massive amount of irrecoverable heat that disperses into the planetary heat sink in total disorder.

Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger

The minute, but nevertheless abnormal, rise in the average temperature of the water and the chaoticized flow that resulted, had interfered with the trout’s hovering ability. But he told how both his parents believed in the healing power of water, and of their insight that the quality and transportive power of water in a stream was particularly strong on a cold night, and more so under a full Moon.

Experts came from all over Europe to study the flume’s construction. Being creatively human is difficult without a sense of meaning in one’s life. Popular passages Page 15 The concept of co-creation — that all of creation participates in and con- tributes to the creative process, is often more acceptable to the thoughtful searcher.


Nature uses another form of motion for creating and rebuilding.

Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger – Alick Bartholomew – Google Books

They forbade him from pursuing ‘atomic energy’ research, which would have left him free to follow his dream of fuel-less power. According to their function sdhauberger location these may be female or male in nature.

The words ‘matter’ and ‘material,’ both have their root in the Latin word mater, meaning mother, which supports the idea insignts physical substance is feminine in nature. With specially adapted equipment, ’emotional’ reactions have also been monitored from amoebas, blood sam- ples and cell cultures. Have Viktor’s warnings been vindicated? As the vehicle for creative energy, the spiral is clearly involved in the organic growth of plants and embryos.

Hidden nature : the startling insights of Viktor Schauberger in SearchWorks catalog

Morgan Huff rated it really liked it Jun 06, The veneration of springs– Seepage springs– True springs– How spring water rises– Energy from deep ocean It was his own adversaries, the ‘techno- academic’ scientists as he called them, whom he held to blame for the dangerous state of the World.

Thus sci- ence, as perhaps the most exclusive and arrogant of disciplines, has done so much throughout history to undermine great innovators like Copernicus, Kepler and Galileo to, in our times, the biological pioneers James Lovelock, Rupert Sheldrake and Mae- Wan Ho.

Account Options Sign in. This book describes and explains Schauberger’s insights in contemporar Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger was far ahead of his time. There is much in Schauberger’s philosophy that gets up the noses of the science that sees only financial profit at the end of their glass telescope of knowledge. So wispy and light, each cloud may contain hundreds or thousands of tons of tiny individual droplets of water, invisible and in constant motion.

Amazing amount of information in this book. The mutual attraction of 2 x H and 1×0 gives birth to the marvel of water. This holistic view of all creation is aided by the idea of a hierarchy of energies, from the very finest that are inconceivable to humans, down to the coarse, material energies which dominate contemporary society.

When you examine the structure, you will see that the seed ‘wings’ form two opposing spirals. When Viktor passed again some two weeks later, he noted that the spring had indeed dried up due to exposure to the Sun’s rays.


He also foresaw, and tried to warn against, the global waste and ecological destruction of schaubergeg age. Responsibility Alick Bartholomew ; foreword by David Bellamy. Water, source of life His painstaking and inspired studies of water were the source for a seminal paper that Schauberger wrote on ‘Temperature and the Movement of Water.

Hydrogen as the ‘carrier’ of both carbone and oxygen. Implosion Nature’s methods of producing energy are silent, but inherently far more effective and powerful than our mechanical techniques, as Schauberger was to prove with his implosion machines that pro- duced prodigious amounts of power.

If it needs to accelerate, it flaps its gills, creating a further vortex train along its flanks, increasing the counterthmst upstream. The principles of vibration and frequency determine the countless energy forms in our world.

This is sometimes used as a metaphor for the bal- anced personality. Supplying Water Part Four: The flume at Steyrling was a great success, much to the chagrin of the observing hydraulic engineers who were so sure his crazy scheme would fail. In the bright light of the Moon, he became aware of move- ment in the stream below where he stood.

He also castigated scientists for their blinkeredness, their inability to see the connections between things.

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Just a moment while we sign schauberge in to your Goodreads account. So what had gone wrong? His offer to help being accepted by the authorities, he describes how he proceeded: Other editions – View all Hidden Nature: When in Heinrich Himmler directed Viktor to develop a new secret weapon system with a team of engineer prisoners-of-war, he had no choice but to comply.

We use the first to generate energy, which promotes our destructiveness of the environment. It is a natural law that the more refined energy always prevails over the coarser. Darius Crow Breeding rated it it was insiyhts Dec 15, His experiences of unspoilt Nature were life-changing.

Viktor Schauberger excelled as a teacher of the science of Nature.